Why You Should Consider a Mobile App for Your WooCommerce Business?

Why You Should Consider a Mobile App for Your WooCommerce Business?

With the increasing use of smartphones and technologies, mobile apps have become a popular choice for businesses. Apps not only help businesses to engage with their customers. But also, Android and iOS Apps work as an additional selling channel for eCommerce businesses. For the same reason, more and more eCommerce businesses are taking the next step and launching their Android and iOS Apps. But, launching Android and iOS apps has never been easy for small businesses.

It takes a lot of effort and timelines for developing the apps for any WooCommerce-based eCommerce business. However, the merchants can overcome the above issue with Knowband WooCommerce mobile app builder. We are going to discuss how to create Android and iOS Apps for your WooCommerce business later in this article.

But before proceeding with creating apps for any eCommerce business, it is also important to explore the reasons why you should consider developing a mobile app for your WooCommerce business.


Enhanced User Experience

In the highly competitive e-commerce landscape, providing a seamless user experience is vital. A mobile app can offer a more user-friendly interface compared to a website. Moreover, a better UI allows customers to navigate through your products and services more efficiently.
With intuitive features such as swipe gestures, push notifications, and personalized recommendations. Android and iOS mobile apps can create a more engaging and personalized shopping experience. Thus, the WooCommerce store admins can grow their business by leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales by providing a UI-rich mobile app to their beloved customer base. Likewise, if you are running a WooCommerce store and want to launch UI and feature-rich Android and iOS apps, you will find the WooCommerce mobile app builder specially tailored for your online business.
The module allows the store admins to create the desired layout by drag and drop features along with complete control of the UI of Mobile Apps.

Increase Customer Loyalty

A mobile app can serve as a powerful tool to build and maintain customer loyalty. By offering exclusive discounts, rewards, and personalized promotions through your app.
Furthermore, the apps developed with WooCommerce mobile app builder comes with coupon and offers support. This means you can attract your customer base by running the same deals on both websites and Mobile Apps. Moreover, an app enables you to implement loyalty programs, where customers can earn points or unlock special benefits for their loyalty. By keeping your customers engaged and offering them incentives, you can foster long-term and healthy business relationships. 

Streamline Checkout Process

Streamline Checkout Process

One of the biggest challenges in eCommerce is cart abandonment during the checkout process. A mobile app can simplify and streamline the checkout process, reducing friction points and encouraging customers to complete their purchases. With features like saved payment information, one-click ordering, and integration with digital wallets. A mobile app can significantly speed up the checkout process, making it more convenient for customers. This seamless experience translates into higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.
Following the trend, WooCommerce mobile app maker also allows store owners to provide a seamless checkout experience to their customers. Instance, the WooCommerce Android and iOS apps support all the website’s shipping and payment methods. To enable a skyrocket purchase experience for the app users.

Leverage Mobile Device Features

Along with great products and deals, the only other thing that customers expect from a business is a feature-rich eCommerce platform. Whether we talk about websites or apps, great features leave great impressions on a visitor’s mind.
For the same reason, it is lot important to provide a feature-rich platform to your customer base.
At Knowband, we offer Mobile App Builder for WooCommerce that allows the store admins to create their feature-rich Android and iOS apps with zero coding skills.

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How to Get Your White-Labeled Apps with Mobile App Builder?

Step 1: Purchase the Plugin and share the basic details such as the app icon, splash screen, and default language you want us to select for the mobile apps.

Step 2: We will configure the Android and iOS Apps and will share the same with you for the review process.

Step 3: We will implement your review and custom requests and will make your apps live on the Play and App Store.

You can simply create and make the apps live for your store within 3-5 business days with Mobile App Builder.

Moreover, in case you want to check how your store’s mobile apps will look like, we offer free demo apps for WooCommerce admins. You can simply raise a ticket on knowband.com/helpdesk or directly drop us a mail at support@knowband.com for free demo apps along with all your queries and suggestions.

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