Zipping Issue: Last File is not zipping

Objective of the blog:

The objective of this blog is to help you know how to fix the issue –“last file is not zipping”. If you are facing the same issue then this blog will help you. Example- If there are 4 text files then only 3 files are zipping.

Reason for this issue:

The zip_close($zip) function is not working due to which the file was unlinking before creating zip.


You need to replace zip_close($zip) by $zip->close() to fix this issue.

Sample Code is given below:

$zip = new ZipArchive();
// zip 2 days older files
foreach (glob($directory. '/*.txt') as $a_file) {
if (filemtime($a_file) < time() - 172800) { //2 days older 172800
$filename_array = explode("/", $a_file);
$key = sizeof($filename_array) - 1;
$filename = $filename_array[$key];
$source_path = $directory.'/';
$zip_file = $source_path.str_replace('.txt','',$filename).".zip";
if ($zip->open($zip_file, ZipArchive::CREATE) !== TRUE) {
exit("cannot open".$zip_file."\n");
$zip->close(); // Replaced zip_close($zip) by $zip->close();

// Move 90 days olders in the Archive and remove the files which are older than 180 days
foreach (glob($directory.'/*.zip') as $a_file) {
// remove files which older than 180 days.
if (filemtime($a_file) < time() - 15552000) { //180 days older 15552000


In this blog, we have changed the zipping close function in order to fix the given issue.

Shivam Verma

Shivam Verma

Shivam Verma is an experienced software engineer in PHP development and Database design. His area of interest is website development. He likes to be aware of his surroundings and to learn new things by observing others. He believes that by doing this we can learn new things and can also enhance our knowledge everyday. He has started writing technical blogs with a view to help others in studying and learning new things in an easy way.

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