How to download android and ios from diwai link?

How to download your Android/iOS app from Diawi link?

What is Diawi?

Diawi is a tool used by the developers for sending their app directly to the handheld devices. This is basically used for in-house applications. Apart from just app deployment, Diawi even provides different features and services. Let me sum them up in the following list for you:

diwai features and benefits

  1. Works for both Android and iOS.
  2. Smooth drag and drop option to send your zipped APK or IPA file.
  3. The responsive link works flawlessly on the devices.
  4. Installation links are secured.
  5. Lets you analyze your device compatibility.

How does Diawi works?


First, you are required to upload the .ipa or .zip file containing the source code of your application into Diawi tool. Once you have uploaded the file, it will take some time to process depending on the size of your application. Once the processing is complete, you can send the link to the device.

Well, the workflow of Diawi is of few simple steps. If followed correctly, the app deployment is just a matter of few screen taps. Find the steps below:

workflow of diwai

Step 1: Go to default internet browser on your device (Chrome for Android and Safari for iPhones).


Step 2: Enter the shared Diawi link in the browser.


Step 3: Once the right link is entered in the browser search, you will get an option to install the app.


Step 4: Click on the install option and you will be redirected to the next page. Confirm the installation and the application will be installed in the device.


Note: You can check the installation progress on the drawer.


Step 5: Open the app and run it.

List of Some Alternatives of Diawi some alternative to diwai

1. HockeyApp
2. Install On Air
3. App Host
4. Updraft
5. Test Flight

Diawi links get expired after a few time. The link availability depends on the following factors:

1. Last installation date

Active link duration also depends on the date of the last installation. If no installation is done with the link, then, the file upload date will be considered.

2. Number of installations left

It also depends on the number of installations left from the shared link.

3. Manual disable

You can manually disable the diawi link if it has been created using an account.

4. Type of Diawi Account:

type of diwai account

  • Free: 1 day
  • Starter: 1 day
  • Premium: 3 days
  • Enterprise: 5 days


So, these were a few simple steps to deploy your app to any device with diawi. I hope this information will benefit you.

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4 thoughts on “How to download your Android/iOS app from Diawi link?

  1. In iOS, we need the UDID of the device on which we have to install the development build. Can you please tell that how does diawi work and are we able to install the app in any iOS device?

    1. Hi Christina,
      Thanks for reading the article. Please find the answer to your query:

      Through Diawi, you can only install the iOS apps on the devices whose UDID is provided along with the build. For that, you will have to enter the device UDID in the Apple developer account and then create the development build.
      Once you have created the build, upload the same on Diawi and you will be able to download the app only on those devices whose UDID is added in the build. You also have an option to check the list of UDIDs in Diawi for that you have to go to “Provisioned Devices” section in the diawi app download page.

      I hope this information proves helpful to you.

  2. Hi There,

    The blog was very informative and helped me to understand the concept how does Diawi link work. Earlier, I have no idea about the differences between Free & Enterprise account but after reading this article now I have a great piece of knowledge by my side.

  3. Hi George,

    Glad to hear that my piece of information helped you to understand the concept of Diawi link. Also, if you have any other doubt in your mind I would love to give you suggestions on the same.


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