PrestaShop SEO Optimizer- Clean URLs & 301/302/303 Redirection Module- User Manual

1.0 Introduction

A higher ranking on the search result page of the search engines like Google, Bing, and others is the biggest challenge for an online business. With a higher ranking, the chances of better sales also increase. In order to improve the search ranking, it is mandatory for the store owners to follow the guidelines issued by the search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way to increase your online presence for a better ranking on the SERPs. The On-Page SEO activities involve – website optimization, meta tag optimization, SEO-friendly URLs, keyword density and more. Among these factors, one factor is the SEO-friendly URLs which play an important role in the ranking. As per Google guidelines, Google recommends that the URL structure of a website should be as simple as possible. SEO-friendly URL is also useful for indexing process flow by the search engine bots.  In clear words, comprising SEO-friendly URLs for a website increases the chances for a website to get higher ranks in the search results. The default URL structure of PrestaShop SEO Optimizer Module includes the product id in the product page URL, Category page URL in the category page URL.

To help the store admin to create SEO-friendly URLs, Knowband has developed the URL Cleaner (SEO-friendly) Module. This PrestaShop SEO Optimizer – URL Cleaner Addon automatically generates the SEO-friendly URL by removing the ID from the URLs of products, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, CMS and all other pages of your store. It allows the admin to implement the 301, 302 or 303 redirection as per the requirement.

1.1 Features of the Prestashop URL Cleaner (SEO-friendly) Addon:

1. PrestaShop SEO-friendly URL Addon is a module that automatically converts the default URL into SEO-friendly URL.

2. The Knowband PrestaShop Rewrite URL Module removes the auto-generated ID from the URLs of the products, categories, suppliers, manufacturers, CMS and all other pages of your store.

3. With the help of this PrestaShop Fixed Duplicate URL Addon, the admin can view the duplicate URL list and modify or remove the URL as per the need.

4. PrestaShop URL Cleaner Module provides an option to the store merchant to redirect the old URL to the new URL. The Store admin has 3 choices on redirects i.e. 301 redirects, 302 redirects, and 303 redirects.

5. SEO URL PrestaShop extension is a module that helps the store merchant in improving SEO.

6. This PrestaShop URL Rewriting Module by Knowband helps the eCommerce owner to improve the website SEO.

7. The PrestaShop store admin can set the URLs to end with or without .html by using this Prestashop URL Cleaner Addon.

8. PrestaShop URL Id Remover Module is multi-store compatible.

9. SEO-friendly Prestashop URL Cleaner Module back-end interface extremely easy to use.

10. With this PrestaShop 301/302/303 Redirect Module, the admin can redirect the N no. of the old URLs to new URLs.

Technology for Development

Language: PHP

FrameWork: PrestaShop

2.0 Steps For Installation

1. To upload the module click on the “Add a new module” button.


2. After clicking on Add New Module now select the module zip file.


3. Now, You can find the PrestaShop SEO Optimizer Module in the module list and Click on the Install link to install the plugin.


4. After installing the module, the admin will be able to configure the module.


3.0 Admin Interface

After installing the module in the PrestaShop store, the store owner can make the changes without any hassles. There are the following sections available to the admin interface:

1. Module Configuration
2. Duplicate URL Rewrite Products
3. URL Redirection List

Each interface of this PrestaShop URL Cleaner (SEO-friendly) Module is explained below.

3.1 Module Configuration

On clicking on the configure link on PrestaShop 301/302/303 Redirect Module, the system will open Configuration tabs of this Prestashop plugin by default as shown in the screen below:


Initially, the fields of this PrestaShop URL Cleaner(SEO-friendly) Addon in the above form will be already filled with their default values.
Enable/Disable: This field will enable the URL Cleaner feature. If enabled, the PrestaShop URL Cleaner will automatically convert the default store URL to SEO-friendly URLs.

The default URL structure of the PrestaShop product page contains a product id and a URL like As you can see the default product URL has the product id. After enabling this feature, the PrestaShop URL Cleaner Module will automatically remove the product id from the product link and the updated link will appear like this:

The default category page link contains the category id and a URL like This URL is complex and not SEO-friendly. By enabling this remove category option, the PrestaShop URL Id Remover Module removes the category id from the category link and after removing the category, the updated URL will appear like this:        

The standard URL structure of the PrestaShop CMS page contains numeric values like Using this option of PrestaShop SEO-friendly URL Module, the admin can enable this setting to remove the id from the CMS link and the automatic generated URL would look like:

By default, the Manufacture URL contains the Manufacture id in the manufacture URL. With the help of this extension, the admin can remove the id from the manufacturing link.

PrestaShop does not have the feature to remove supplier link from the URL. After enabling this option, PrestaShop URL Cleaner Module automatically removes the id from the Supplier link.

PrestaShop URL Cleaner (SEO-friendly) Module removes the default language’s ISO code from URLs and removes the language ISO code from shop’s default language. So, in this case, it will remove /es/ from all Spanish URLs, but other languages in your shop will still have ISO code in the URL.

For example: By default, the product URLs are like after enabling the option URL would look like:

Remove .html from Product Link: By enabling this option, the PrestaShop SEO Optimizer – Clean URLs & 301/302/303 redirection module remove the .html from the default product URL.

3.2 Duplicate URL Rewrite Products

In case after removing the product ID from the product’s URL, if there are any two product’s URLs are same.

For example, The two product’s URL contains different Id like:

After enabling the remove product id option, the module removes the product id from the URL and product URL like:

Then this product’s URL list will show on this tab. Find below the attached image:


In this tab, the admin can view all the Duplicate URLs and they can update rewrite value the products as per their convenience.

3.2.1 How to edit the Duplicate URL?

When the store admin clicks on the rewritten link, the PrestaShop URL Redirects Module will redirect the admin to the below-mentioned page:


Here, the store admin can rewrite the duplicate URLs. As soon as the admin will make changes to the URLs, these URLs get removed from the duplicate URL list.

3.3PrestaShop SEO Optimizer Module URL Redirection List

If the store admin changes the URL of any particular product page, the online retailer needs to redirect the old URLs to the new URLs. This PrestaShop 301/302/303 Redirect Module allows the PrestaShop store admin to redirect the old URLs to new ones. This PrestaShop SEO Optimizer Module offers the three redirection options including 301, 302 and 303 to the store owner.


3.3.1 How can Admin Redirect the Old URLs to New URLs?

For the redirection of the old URLs to the New URLs, the store admin needs to click on the “Add New” button. After clicking on the Add New button, the below mentioned page open:


Here, the store admin can enter the Old URLs and New URLs, select the redirection from 301 (for permanent redirection), 302 (for temporary redirection) and 303 (to get the method used to retrieve information).

The admin can easily redirect the Old URLs to the New URLs.

URL Redirection through CSV file

Upload CSV file: In order to redirect the multiple URLs. You can enable the Upload CSV file option. After enabling this option, the admin will be able to download sample CSV file and as per the fields defined in CSV file, the admin needs to enter the details in the CSV and upload the same.

After enabling CSV upload option, the below mentioned page open:


Choose CSV File: The Store admin can upload the sample CSV here for redirecting the products page.

Sample CSV File Format:


4.0 Front End

After enabling the PrestaShop URL Id Remover Module by Knowband at the front-end, the users will be able to see an SEO-friendly URL that will clearly highlight the purpose of the page. Google also recommends “A site’s URL structure should be as simple as possible. Consider organizing your content so that URLs are constructed logically and in a manner that is most intelligible to humans (when possible, readable words rather than long ID numbers).” This will also help the admin in improving the search results of the website.

The SEO-friendly URL would appear as follows:


For more information about PrestaShop SEO Optimizer- Clean URLs &301/302/303 Redirection Module:

PrestaShop SEO Optimizer- Clean URLs &301/302/303 Redirection Module Admin Demo

PrestaShop SEO Optimizer- Clean URLs &301/302/303 Redirection Module Front Demo

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