Alternatives to publishing your Android app on Google Play Store

Alternatives to publishing your Android app on Google Play Store

Whenever it comes to publishing Android app, Google Play Store is usually a go-to place. Being the biggest app distributor in the mobile app market for a long time, it is the most obvious choice for the app developers. “The green robot” is way ahead of other platforms, if we look at the number of Android devices. One reason behind its popularity is that Play store is pre-installed in all the Android devices. However, there are even other stores available which allows the users to sail through the ocean of apps and can give additional downloads for your Android app.

Why look for an alternative to Google Play Store?

Why look for an alternative to Google Play Store?

Now, the question arises, are we limited to just Google Play Store for app distribution? I would suggest checking for the alternatives to Google Play Store. Various other App Stores allows publishing Android app for developers. They are not as big as Play Store, yet carry a huge customer base and can easily take your app to thousands of users every day.

Publishing Android app to multiple app stores increases your app’s visibility and ultimately enhances your revenue. Exploring your options isn’t a bad deal when the growth of your application is on the line. Find some more information on the alternatives available for Google Play Store mentioned-below.

Alternative Android App Stores:

Alternative Android App Stores:

1. Amazon App Store:

Amazon app store is the most popular among all third-party platforms for sharing your Android application. Its progress can only be determined with the fact that from offering content to Kindle owners it has expanded itself to a well-flourished store.


Earlier, it became quite popular for a service ‘Free App of the Day’ in which it offers a free app to users for which they have to pay on the Google Play Store. Amazon even provided several paid titles free for publishing Android app.

Publishing Android app on the Amazon Store is pretty straightforward. For in-app purchases or paid apps, you can go to Amazon Underground Store. App submission is quite simple with the Amazon but your app has to clear an approval process. HTML 5 and web apps are also allowed in this store.

2. SlideMe

SlideMe is the oldest app store with all sort of free and paid Android apps. Its app store SAM (SlideMe App Market) got a better user interface than others. Users can simply categorize products and even look for community reviews and comments.


App publishing is quite simple with SlideMe. SlideMe takes 20% of the income of the publisher as a commission. It offers various payment modes like PayPal, which even Google Play doesn’t provide. It is even older than Google Play Store and thus connects with a huge section of android users. You should certainly give it a try.


3. Get Jar

Get Jar is also one of the oldest app stores offering a wide range of apps in the Android Market. Its website and app share the same view, users can browse for the apps anywhere.


Publishing app on the Get Jar is free of cost. Developers can make an account and get full access of their application. Developers are even allowed to submit different versions of the same application and target different audience groups.

4. Yandex

Yandex, being one of the biggest search engines in Russia, provided its App Store. It is the most suitable option for the developers if they want to expose their app mainly in Russia. You just require to make a Yandex account to publish your app.


For app submission process, you just need to provide a relevant category that defines your application, target countries for your app and related images. Yandex regulators review your app before making it live on their store.

5. Oppo App Store

Chinese smartphone developer, Oppo has its own app market which recently took a leap and came to the 6th position in top 10 list of app stores. In 2015, it was out from the list. This App store has recently came ahead in the App market and made its impact by gathering huge customers.


Regarding app submission, it has few simple guidelines through which you can submit your app. Along with easy submission, your app will be among less number of apps and can mark its place along with future growth of store.

Other amazing alternatives:

Alternative Android App Stores:

6. Mobogenie

7. Opera Mobile Store

8. Samsung Galaxy Apps

9. Mobango

10. 1Mobile Market

11. Mall

12. Apps zoom

13. App Brain

14. F-Droid

15. Aptoide

16. Uptodown


Creating an Android app requires a lot of efforts and its growth in the market directly depends on its distribution. Nowadays there are enough choices available for Android developers apart from the Google Play Store. They can even choose whether to target multiple stores or focus on just an independent one. Although the importance of publishing app on Google Play store is irreplaceable, yet these third-party app stores could bring you, potential users. Every app developer should try to grab the opportunities, they’re offering.

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  1. I read your blog on alternatives for publishing android app on Google play store. It was fascinating to know there are many such alternatives available. Now, I am planning to submit my app in Oppo App store. Will the app be accessible to Oppo Phone users only? Please guide.

    1. Hey there,
      It’s good to know that you are planning to publish your app on Oppo Store. Being the latest one in the market, it has been grabbing attention nowadays.
      There isn’t any such limitation that the app will work on Oppo smartphones. Once you got your app successfully submitted to the store, it would be available for every Android device.
      Please let me know in case of any further query.

  2. Hi i read your blog,
    When I tried to publish my app on Google Play Store it got rejected.
    So, what should be my next step and is there any other alternative to Google Play Store where I can publish my app?

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