3 Magento Extensions to acquire customer data

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Acquiring customer data is important for any online business. It helps the brand to get better insights into their customers. The availability of more customer data helps online businesses optimize their email marketing campaigns and make a personal connect with their users. If you are a Magento store owner, read this article to know about the 3 Magento extensions that would help you acquire customer data.

1. Magento Social Loginizer

Magento Social Loginizer | Knowband

One of the best ways to collect user data is by providing the social login option. Magento Social loginizer extension focuses on simplifying the registration process of the user by offering 15 social login options. With the ease of registration, the possibility of acquiring customer details becomes very certain. The social login option proves to be effective for both the customer as well as the merchant. If, on one hand, it makes the sign-up process convenient for the customer, on the other hand, it helps e-retailers acquire more customer data and perform personalized email marketing.

2. Magento Spin and Win Pop up

Magento Spin & Win Module

Gathering customer data is not easy anymore. You need to play smart to persuade your visitors to enter their details. A popup like Spin and Win proves to be beneficial in such cases.

Magento Spin and Win popup extension provides a gamifying experience to your visitors by displaying a spin and win wheel. It asks the customer to spin the wheel and earn some amazing discounts and offers on your store. Upon spinning the wheel, users are asked to provide their details in order to claim the discount.

Customer engagement on an eCommerce store largely depends on the kind of experience users find on your store, and Magento Spin and Win popup extension makes sure that it keeps the customers engaged in your store.

 3. Magento Auto Subscribe

Magento Auto Subscribe Module

Magento Auto Subscribe extension adds a subscription form to your Magento store and helps the web store acquire the customer data. You can place the subscription form on various web pages. Moreover, it auto-subscribes a customer for your store’s newsletters when he or she registers on your store or check out. You can customize the subscription form as per your preference and design its look and feel.

Over to You

Acquiring customer data is not difficult if you follow the right tactics. Try out the above-suggested Magento extensions and start capturing more user data. Have some more extensions to add? Drop down in the comments below.

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