7 ways to boost up your sales using Social Media


Social media platforms are emerging as a new stage for eCommerce and retail companies to market their brands.

Just think about the last time you visited an eCommerce website to buy something, went to the check-out page, stepped back, and left the cart abandoned.

However, we can say either you were in no mood to purchase the product or you stepped back because of expensive shipping charges or got baffled with the super tricky checkout process.

According to Statista, 69.23% is the average cart abandonment rate for online shopping which clearly shows the slipping off of potential leads you have been continuously hustling down the line. However, there could be many reasons for the incomplete conversion of your potential leads.

How social media can help you out?

Social Media is a great tool and the most popular way of promoting your business or brand in between audiences. Today, every individual is present on at least one social media platform. In fact, 86% of the people follow the social media handles of the brands they want to get associated with. Still, these brands are unable to generate great revenues by leveraging the benefits of social media. So, how social media could help you out in achieving your sales targets?

Today’s generation is dependent on technology for the latest updates and offers and also wants great support in favor. This makes social media play a crucial role in promoting these brands either small or large, in fact, social media also serves in promoting well-established industries too.

Well, let’s take a ride through some of the ways in which social media can help you to boost up your sale are as follows:

1. The Hashtag Game:


It’s the best way to stand out from the competition and appear on the top of the list in any hashtag look searched out by your potential customers on social media platforms. Many organisations are working on the same strategy by keeping the hashtag game consistent. If you are planning to launch a new product or coming up with some new scheme, there is no need to hesitate in adding multiple hashtags as it will provide you transparency from other brands.

Here you can see the example:


Make sure to use the closest and related hashtags that represent your business’s core interest as clear as possible. Confusing customers by using irrelevant hashtags could also lead you to the pitfall of your business sales. Utilise the hashtags wherever needed and stick to one medium only.

2. Disseminate deals via Social Media:


Social media works great in broadcasting the latest deals you have come up with. Offering an extraordinary price on your products but just for a limited time. This will attract customers to your website and compel them to go for instant purchase. Reveal the deal to generate some amazing leads on your online eCommerce store but be sure not to reveal the exact time frame of the same.

This strategy will assure you that customers will regularly check their feeds for some latest deals and offers and also could visit your social profile to know some more glimmer deal. Since many customers will visit to your online store so be prepared for heavy traffic on your website.

3. Offer discounts and coupons:


Coupons can help you sell more products as individuals always try to look up for the best deal and discounts on the products. Offering a coupon could attract customers towards your product and will help you convert your traffic into potential leads. You can facilitate your customers by providing them coupon code that is only accessible to the individuals who have liked your page on social media platforms like Facebook or followed you on Instagram or twitter etc.

The above methods are truly functional and will surely attract huge amount of audience through social sites to your brand store. This will lead to an increment in a number of supporters and followers.

4. Provide free shipping:


Free shipping is a blessing for every individual out there. If we believe Statista, 73 percent of respondents stated that free delivery greatly impacts their decision to purchase an item online. Shipping charges are the top reason behind cart abandonment as customers don’t want to pay delivery charges. So try to provide free shipping to your social media followers and grab the maximum leads. Make sure to provide the free shipping on any festival occasions as it is the season of maximum sale and this can help you in generating huge revenues and profits through social media platforms.

5. Exercise Giveaway contests!


This is the most attractive way of luring your customers towards your website as it could efficiently return you a good amount of revenues. Perform a giveaway contest on your social media page that requires individuals to sign up on your brand store. This exciting way would definitely increase the possibility to produce new leads. These contests provide good offers and discounts which incorporate a motivating force in customers to go for instant purchase and take your business to a new horizon!

The individual should be able to choose in between three distinct modes of a similar subject and enter to win the prize. This strategy is not only to generate leads or serve as an acknowledgment of the brand, but it also enables to expand the social stage online. Make sure that each individual who enters the advancement must like the Facebook page to look at the endowments.

6. Post Multiple pictures:


Whenever you post a picture on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, it’s obvious to get a reaction. You can urge your followers to like share and comment on your daily posts and feed. Facebook simply actualised another calculation that will re-post a connection each time somebody remarks on it. It’s important to remain consistent towards social media posting. Posting a picture implies more presentation and information about the product. Getting a huge number of “likes” prompts more individuals towards your post, so make sure to post multiple pictures of your products with each advancement you post.

7. Increase your exposure on Social Media Platforms:


It’s important for a seller to mark their presence on a social platform. They should ask their customers to follow and share their social media profile. It’s a meaningful way of connecting to online networking accounts, which can result in a higher conversion of leads. This is the most incredible method to get the word out.

You should also generate your email signature on your blog entries, press releases or pamphlets. It eventually acquires followers which helps you to find out more business deals and resulting in a huge chunk of profits.

Over to You:

The above mentioned points are some of the effective ways in embracing the standards of your brand store online. However, it would also help you in grabbing some good leads on your plate. So, start working from the day itself by luring your customers with various discounts and offers through your social media handle. Regardless of whether you owe a local store or an eCommerce store, creating your profile on social media platforms is very important. It encourages your brand among huge number of audience to generate good sales and revenues.

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