The importance of age verification for online businesses

The importance of age verification for online business

Daily transactions are taking place online because of which young people can shop for products has become easier for them. Furthermore, young people can have access to services and age-restricted content. For the safer side, online businesses include basic age checks such as ‘tick boxes’ for users. It is the customer’s responsibility to be truthful to affirm that they are old enough to buy products and access services.

One of the biggest reasons for online businesses to go for this feature is because it can save our younger generation. Furthermore, it’s unreliable and can even lead to children accessing damaging products as well as the content. Online businesses should recognize the necessity of the feature similar to real-world’s retail stores and gaming establishments.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of age verification, especially for online businesses.

Benefit 1: It helps filter visitors

This feature helps owners to filter the visitors. Owners can get to know or filter eligible visitors for their products. Furthermore, once the visitor validates the age, they are informed that the content is restricted to those of a certain age. As a result, knowing the fact the content is inappropriate, a wise teen shall leave the store.

Benefit 2: Comply with the law

If you sell things, supposed to be purchased by people over a certain age, having an age verification method is a must. This is permissible under the law. Furthermore, failure to comply with the age verification system may result in legal consequences, including jail.

Benefit 3: Prevent minors

With the assistance of this feature, e-merchant can keep minors away from their store. Hence, you can stop children from getting exposed to inappropriate goods online. Also, they will not have a bad effect on their mentality. With the increase in Internet users, age verification is mandatory.

Does Knowband offer Age Verification Module for every platform?

Yes. Whether you use Magneto for building up your eCommerce store or Opencart or Prestashop, Knowband has developed the Age Verification module for every platform. With the help of these modules, you can keep away underage users from exploring explicit content. 

Age Verification Prestashop Addon

Prestashop store owners with explicit products on the store must use Age Verification Prestashop Addon. This add-on helps merchants to hide their products from customers they want. In simple words, with this addon, Prestashop owners can display these products to specific customers under a certain age.

Age verification


  • Enables a popup on the website for age verification.
  • The module even provides a user-friendly interface.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Allows designing the entire popup and even customizing it. 
  • From images to easy to change the popup text, font, background color, and verification text, etc. everything can be modified.

OpenCart verification extension

To showcase an age verification popup on the website’s front-end, Knowband offers an age verification module for Opencart owners. Furthermore, store visitors must enter their age and if they are 18+, they can access the store. 

Age verification


  • Allows admin to restrict online visitors to enter their age for accessing the store content.
  • Displays an age verification popup on the website once the age of the user gets confirmed.
  • From the admin interface, the admin can enable as well as disable the DOB field.
  • Permit setting age verification popup title as well as description in multiple dialects.

Magento age verification module

Implementing the Magento age verification module on your eCommerce site asks the visitors to verify their age for accessing the site products. Furthermore, the module requires the store visitors to verify their age as well as agree to specific rules as well as conditions. Once you agree to these rules and conditions, you can browse the website. 

age varification


  • Displays an age verification popup on the frontend.
  • Asks visitors to mention their age and to access the website, ask the visitor to agree with the terms and conditions.
  • Admin can pick themes for the age verification popup, displayed randomly to the visitor. 
  • Allows admin to enable/disable DOB field on the website front. 
  • Allows the merchant to set the title for the verification popup window.

Along with such efficient modules for different platforms, Knowband offers post-sales support. Hence, feel free to write us at

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