Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices to Win Back Shoppers

Abandoned Cart Email Best Practices to Win Back Shoppers

An increase in abandoned cart rates can have a negative impact on your business. Usually, an abandoned cart happens when the client adds an item to their cart as well as does not purchase it. For instance, the client may want to purchase, however, the high shipping cost does let him or her do that. As a result, this leads to cart abandonment.

What is the reason behind the high cart abandonment rate?

The reasons that can cause a high cart abandonment rate are listed below:

  • Lack of trust

One of the biggest drawbacks of an online store is that you cannot hold your product physically. Moreover, you can identify the quality of the product you are purchasing. Furthermore, shoppers cannot try them as they hand over their hard-earned cash. Hence, this situation has somewhere led to an equal increase in fraudulent activity. If you can’t get your online shoppers or store visitors to trust your business, they are likely to abandon their carts.

  • Unexpected shipping costs

Another common reason for users abandoning the cart is higher or unexpected shipping costs. This has to do with something called price shock i.e. learning about hidden costs. For instance shipping, taxes, and other fees, etc. However, there is a way of minimizing price shock, a very good way and that is displaying shipping costs on product pages. This also creates transparency between your store as well as customers. Moreover, this does not lead to abandoning carts because they don’t have to face unexpected costs that have been added to the checkout process. 

  • Pricing

Online shoppers are a very picky bunch. The word picky means liking specific things and are difficult to please. Furthermore, online shoppers can and will compare your prices with just a click of a few buttons. Buyers can compare prices with their competitors. And if they find a special deal elsewhere, in no time they will purchase it. 

Like we mentioned before, shipping rates, import taxes, as well as unforeseen costs can lead to a price shock situation that can again give birth to the situation of cart abandonment.

How to solve cart abandoned rate issues?

Being a store merchant you need to look for different ways for solving cart abandoned rates. If we talk about solving the trust issues, being a merchant you need to use high-quality images, good copywriting, and need to go for lots and lots of social proof. You can even display social proof on your website. 

Another solution is, using Knowband abandoned cart modules which can do all the work needed to solve this problem for you. And according to us, using Knowband plugins is the best solution.

Why Knowband?

Knowband is known for providing efficient plugins for different eCommerce platforms. Including Prestashop, Opencart, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Keeping the requirements, Knowband offers plugins for enhancing the functionality of your store.

Knowband modules for resolving abandoned cart issues

Module 1: Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon

Abandoned cart

Store owners having their eCommerce store on Prestashop can opt for Prestashop Abandoned cart addon. By regular email follow-up, the module helps merchants to convert these abandoned carts into sales. Furthermore, the module is very effective when it’s about reducing shopping cart abandonment.


  1. Analyzes the behavior of the online shoppers as well as tracks as well as marks the abandoned carts on the online store.
  2. Permit admin to modify the follow-up email templates.
  3. Allows the merchant to create new templates as many as he/she wants from the admin interface.
  4. Offers discounted and non-discounted email templates.
  5. Allows admin to highlight an attractive discount and coupon code in the email.

Module 2: Magento 2 Cart Serial Reminder

Abandoned cart

Want to recover all the customer’s forgotten carts? Magento 2 Abandoned cart extension by Knowband helps you with that. The module even allows your customer to finish their order by clicking the cart link in the reminder email. Furthermore, Magento 2 abandoned cart reminder encourages the consumer to return to the store to simply complete their pending checkout.


  1. Automatically sends reminder notifications to the customer who forgot to complete checkout successfully.
  2. Allows creating unlimited email templates for customers according to the conditions of their abandoned cart.
  3. Tracks pending or abandoned carts on the store after customers add a product in their cart and exit.
  4. Helps scheduling the timing of Cart Serial Reminders from the backend.
  5. Offers flexibility to send a custom email notification to customers.
  6. Offers flexibility to send customized email notifications to customers with or without discount coupons.

Module 3: OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension

With the assistance of the OpenCart Reduce Abandoned cart extension, merchants can significantly see the reduction in your shopping cart abandonment rate. Moreover, by sending reminder emails, you can follow up with those prospects who have abandoned their shopping cart because they were unable to complete their transaction.


  1. Helps merchants to track and recover abandoned carts on their site.
  2. With regular email follow-ups, convert abandoned cart users into customers.
  3. Allows admin to analyze the cart of the store visitors as well as send them reminders via email.
  4. Reduces cart abandonment rate.
  5. Boost entire conversions on the store.

Module 4: Magento Abandoned Cart Extension

Magento Abandoned Cart Extension permits the admin to make use of cart details and then convert them into leads. Furthermore, this helps in reducing the abandoned cart rate on the website as well as increase the conversions.

abandoned cart


  1. Tracks store visitors who save the product in their cart as well as leave the site without placing the order.
  2. Cron can be used to refresh the list of abandoned carts in the Magento abandoned cart notifications module’s backend.
  3. Allows admin to track incomplete orders.
  4. Send reminders to the customers.
  5. Allows admin to send offers discounts or even send reminders without any discounts.

Final Thought

So, when you have modules that can make your work easier as well as offer great results, it’s time to install them and get the benefits. 

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