How Social Media Networks are Empowering SEO!!

how-social-media-networks-are empowering SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are two different aspects of marketing. Although both have their own characteristics and workflow. Yet, in the end, the goal is to define the traffic on a website. Both social media marketing and SEO are some of the most effective marketing ways that bring traffic to a website.

Even though Social Media Marketing for eCommerce and SEO is entirely different. Yet, Google’s updated SEO algorithms consider the social media presence of a brand while considering SEO rankings.

Difference Between SEO and SMM:

Social Media Marketing is a marketing strategy to promote a brand on social media platforms. For example, SMM teams work on different strategies to improve brand awareness on social platforms. Such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization is the most effective way of driving organic traffic toward a website. It includes content posting, link building, loading speed optimization, and Google’s search page update aspects.

How Social Media Optimization Impacts SEO!!

How Social Media Optimization Impacts SEO

According to Google’s recent announcements, links are generated from social media platforms. As Facebook and Twitter impact Search Engine Optimization directly. For example, if you are posting relevant content on your brand’s social media pages. The chances for increased click rate and social sharing are high.

As a result, you will be ending up getting noticeable customer traffic toward your website.

Apart from it, various indirect Social Media Marketing factors impact SEO and the overall traffic of a website. Instance, social media platforms track the analytics data such as click rate, bounce rate, viewing depth, and total time spent by a user on a website. So, let’s discuss some of the indirect Social Media Optimization strategies that add significant value to Search Engine Optimization.

Boost Your Content Performance:

Just content creation is just not enough for a website’s growth. However, if you are just adding content on a website, and not showing the same on social media platforms.

On top of that, social platforms such as Instagram have a huge audience that is going to notice your posted content.

social media presence of a brand

Thus, providing content updates to your social family can grow the organic traffic of your website. In the following method, social media marketing is going to impact your SEO indirectly.

Backlinks are the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Well, the question is how it is redirected to social media marketing.

Thus, here is how. Posting your content and other updates on social platforms are going to bring traffic to your website. In case you are deploying valuable content on social platforms, then the chances are higher that you will get to your targeted audience easily. On the other hand, if you are keeping your SEO content to your website only, then it is not going to be helpful for SMM. Thus, adding regular updates on social media is one of the easiest ways to keep your customer base informed about your business activities.

Customer Trust Factor:

Having a healthy brand image on social platforms improves customer trust in a brand. How?

Consider a user hovering on the internet and somehow landing on your Prestashop website in the search of his favorite products. Now, he is a first-time visitor and does not know much about your brand. In the following case, the first thing he is going to do is check the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the website.

Furthermore, if your marketing team has done enough work for enhancing your social media presence then it is well and good. However, if you are not able to maintain a sounding social profile for your business then there are huge chances of bounce rate.

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