7 Tips to Boost Sales on Online Marketplaces!!


eCommerce marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon are becoming more and more popular these days. Because of the same, not only a wide number of online merchants are heading towards marketplaces. But also, the number of newcomers is considerably high.

For this reason, it is becoming tough every day for sellers to keep up with the market competition. Thus, it becomes important to try and implement new strategies on various occasions. Likewise, in the below article, we have tried to cover the top 7 tips that can help you to grow your business on online marketplaces.


Try to Learn from Others:

The first thing is first. Learning is the most important part of any process. The same thing applies to online businesses. Rather than trying new things and learning from the same. 

For example, you can keep an eye on some of your competitors for getting ideas about offers and strategies. On the other hand, major marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon provide 24/7 support to the seller community. Thus, in case you find yourself in the clouds, feel free to ask the experts.

Delivery Management:

The second game-changer tip that boosts a business in indirect ways is quality delivery management. Furthermore, customers prefer to order from vendors who have brilliant delivery ratings.

Moreover, as a marketplace seller, you can gear up your online business by improving your shipping and delivery time. Thus, if you are looking for the easiest but most effective method, improving your delivery management could be the right option for your online business.

Connect Your Online Shops with Marketplaces:

The following trick is a masterpiece if you are already selling your products from your eCommerce store. With the help of Knowband Marketplace Connectors, as an online shop admin, you can integrate your shop with eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping.

Moreover, we provide a wide number of options for integrating eCommerce shops with the Marketplaces.

ebay marketplace connector

Instance, PrestaShop eCommerce merchants can now connect their shops with eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping. Moreover, the admins can grab all the required actions right on their shop admin panel.

Mail Marketing:

This might sound a bit surprising as proceeding with any sort of promotional activity against marketplace customers is not allowed by the sellers. But on the other hand, this is the most effective and wild card trick.

If you own an online shop and sell products online, you can use the emails received from the marketplace orders for promoting your business. Moreover, it should be quite easy to collect the emails of customers from their orders.

Now all you need to do is collect the email and put the same into your marketing list. But the one thing to keep in consideration always that you should not be too aggressive while tracking the marketplace customers via mail marketing.

As marketplaces have strict policies against such kinds of promotional activities.

Thus, in the list of our top tips, mail marketing stands in 4th place.

Keep Your Inventory Up-to-Date:

Keeping your marketplace shop inventory up-to-date is one of the most common factors behind the success of merchants

Keeping your marketplace shop inventory up-to-date is one of the most common factors behind the success of merchants. Not only does an up-to-date and well-mannered shop inventory increase the confidence in the customers. But also, boosts the chances of orders by providing the customer with more options to choose from.

Although, marketplaces like Etsy charges a separate fee based on the listing number. Yet, it is always a good idea to have an up-to-date inventory with a considerable number of products.

Price Game:

The customer visits marketplaces because of the name and brand reputation of the marketplace itself. Where on the other hand, the same reason makes it tough for online sellers to build a brand name on the marketplaces.

Thus, taking advantage of the same, as an online marketplace merchant, you should always set a competitive price for your products.

The same will not only help you to stand out from the competitors but also, will help you to grow more customer traffic.

Likewise, if you are selling from PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Magento 2 online shops. You can also sell your shop stock at an increased/decreased price with the price management feature offered by Knowband Marketplace Connectors.

Seller Reputation:

Managing a well-mannered seller reputation on the marketplaces is one of the biggest factors that play well in attracting customers.

Moreover, you can enhance your seller’s reputation by providing various options to your customers. Having a sound return policy, managing good customer ratings, and rapid product deliveries are some of the best examples.

In the above article, we have covered the top 7 easiest and most effective ways to boost sales on the marketplaces. Furthermore, as an online seller, you can also sell the same products with the same stock on both your website and marketplaces at the same time.

Check out the Knowband eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping Integrators for taking your online business globally.

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