How can Progressive Web Apps Benefit Your E-commerce Business?

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs were introduced in 2015 and are applicable everywhere. It offers a highly engaging user experience of a native app. Furthermore, looking at the efficiency of PWAs large enterprises such as Twitter, Alibaba, and Walmart have started using it. As a result, they have noticed an increase in conversion rates and growth in revenues. Overall, this technology has proved beneficial for eCommerce businesses. With this blog, we will try to understand other benefits of PWAs.

Understanding PWA- Progressive Web Apps

PWA stands for progressive web apps. This technology help eCommerce businesses to built web applications having the look as well as the feel of native mobile apps- all while using web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Moreover, to launch highly engaging PWA storefronts, developers can utilize static site generators including Gatsby or VuePress. These can be further connected to eCommerce platforms on the backend. 

Although Progressive Web Apps run in a browser, however, they offer users the experience of a native app via key features.

Key features:

  • Progressive Web Apps offers offline app access.
  • Push notifications
  • Access to the application via the home screen

How beneficial are Progressive Web Apps?

Looking at the growth of the mobile share of eCommerce, for a successful eCommerce business, merchants need to make their store mobile-friendly. 

  • Progressive Web Apps helps reach a wider audience

Regardless of the platform you use for your business, PWAs are designed to work for every user and are responsive to fit different size screens. Since they’re accessible to a wider audience as well as easy to share through a link, a wider number of people can adopt them than would take the time to download an app.

  • Reduction in development costs and time 

Creating a native app requires development and maintenance. Along with that, merchants need to create both- Android and iOS apps to reach both types of audiences and potentially a Windows 10 app. Merchants need to manage them all including your website. PWAs helps in reducing development cost and time. 

  • Designed for smooth and speedy user experience 

53% of mobile users abandon the website if it takes a longer time (more than 3 seconds)to load according to Google. Hence, it’s essential to provide a smooth and speedy user experience as speed plays a vital role in the growth of your eCommerce website. 

Progressive Web Apps are designed to enhance speed and provide a smooth user experience. Furthermore, these tend to be super fast as they utilize modern web development technologies and frameworks. Along with that, the apps operate even when the quality of the network is low or there is no network.

  • Progressive Web Apps provide better conversion

Efficient, smooth, and speedy user experience leads to higher conversion rate and less cart abandonment rate hence using Progressive Web Apps is a smart idea. With the assistance of PWAs, Alibaba saw a 76% increase in conversions across different browsers.

Knowband PWA’s modules for different eCommerce platforms

Knowband, a leading eCommerce development form provides PWAs for different eCommerce platforms. Including:

Features of Modules: 

PrestaShop PWA Mobile App –

Progressive Web Apps

  • Provide a customizable home screen interface.
  • Offers Manual and Automated Notifications unlimited Push Notifications.
  • Chat support- Zopim, and Whatsapp
  • Support all payment and shipping methods
  • Lightweight App with faster loading
  • Support different languages and RTL
  • Offers Social login options and email. Social login options include Google and Facebook
  • Multi-currency support

OpenCart Progressive Web App –

Progressive Web Apps

  • Faster loading
  • Quick performance
  • Support website shipping and payment methods
  • Chat support- Zopim, and Whatsapp
  • Offers Social Login and email
  • Support multiple languages and RTL 

Magento 2 PWA Mobile App –

Progressive Web Apps

  • Helps launch Magento 2 PWA Mobile App for eCommerce website.
  • Provide potent web applications to mobile shoppers.
  • Change look & feel of the homepage of Magento 2 Progressive Web App with the inbuilt home page editor.
  • Configure and send push notifications with personalized templates to Magento 2 PWA users 
  • Increase sales.
  • Works on Offline mode or when slow internet connection. 
  • Fast social login with Google & Facebook.

WooCommerce Progressive Web App –

Progressive Web Apps

  • Quick performance
  • Faster loading
  • Support all website shipping and payment methods.
  • Offers email and social login option
  • Support RTL and compatible with different languages
  • Offers offline working mode

Final thought

Progressive Web Apps are getting famous due to tech for headless commerce configurations. With headless commerce, we mean decoupling the frontend presentation layer from the backend eCommerce functionality. By utilizing PWA on the front end, brands can attain faster and more responsive websites. Hence, small and medium businesses should take advantage of PWAs and create an app-like experience for customers. This will help them expand their audience.

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