How to Increase in-store Traffic during Holiday Season


Store locator and Pickup services are most popular among the businesses that run multiple retail stores as well as online websites. The click and collect service increases the footstep rate of your store and creates both, online presence as well as retail store identity. If you are planning to start a curbside business or looking for a way to increase footfall during the holiday season, then you will be rejoiced after reading this article because the store locator and pick-up module allow you to do that.

Buy Online Pickup in-store Services

The websites with several stores can offer BOPIS to their customers. Now the question arises, why should businesses use the BOPIS model? As said before, it drives more traffic to your store, which reduces the extra cost.

The Buy-online-pickup-in-store concept is quite new but is preferred by many companies as it has several benefits attached to it. Firstly, it saves time and money involved in logistics. Improves customer experience and the seller does not fail to the customer expectations.

Not just the big brands, but small fishes are also taking the advantage of BOPIS by using store locator and pick-up module. The holiday season is the best period to start this service on your website. BOPIS not only get website traffic but drives more customers to your retail store.

In-store pickup is an opportunity to expand your business


By having said that, this new service in your store can benefit you in multiple ways. As I mentioned, you will have to spend less on delivery services because the customer will come to your doorstep to collect the order. Buy online and pick up from store services make sure that the products will reach the customer in the given time without any delay.

If a customer is purchasing the product online then there is a chance that he/she dislikes that and might want to return it later.

This will not be the case with in-store pickup.

Customers can see the product by themselves and finalize it then and there. Hence, you will get rid of the daunting task of managing product returns on your online store. Also, the post-holiday returns get reduced.

Additionally, more footsteps mean more sales. However, many customers hesitate to purchase online but when they are at your retail outlet, there are chances of up-selling. Up to 30% of overall retail eCommerce sales are made by Buy-online and Pickup in store:

All the benefits and steps involved in the process are discussed in my previous article. If you missed reading that, click here and learn more.

Why offer in-store pickup during the Holiday season

The above reasons explain how this service can benefit your business but during holidays, the number of purchases and average order value is higher than usual. This may lead to an increase in the number of return orders. If you will have an in-store pick up then the return rate will get reduced automatically as the user will be able to see the product during pick-up.

Holidays are the peak time for sales and offering this will also help you in upselling the products.

How Knowband’s Store Locator and Pick-up Addon work

If a retail outlet has multiple stores in a region then the store locator module helps the customer to select the location of the nearest store to collect the order from.

A brand with a chain in various cities has an online website with several retail stores, can also implement a store locator and pickup module on their website and mark the location of all their outlets.

Understanding Store Locator and Pickup extension

The store locator and pickup module simplify your tedious tasks and its features allow seller and customer to meet their targets in few simple steps.

  1. This is an easy-to-install plugin and can be configured by any non-tech person.
  2. It allows the store manager to add the locations of their multiple outlets as it is incorporated with Google maps.

Location Map3. Any customer visiting the store have to

  • Choose The outlet location
  • Select Date of pick-up and
  • Time of pickup

4. A notification email will be sent to the respective store with an order summary

The Store Locator and Pickup Module is available for all the major eCommerce platforms:

Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup Addon

Magento 2 Store Locator Plugin

Store Locator – Magento ® Extensions

Store Locator – Opencart Extensions

Any online website built on these platforms can use the plugin to provide in-store services by locating their retails stores to boost foot traffic and customer experience.

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