How Popups can Increase eCommerce Sale during holiday season


Are you looking for some great marketing ideas that can help you in increasing sales this holiday season?

You need to be versatile to manage the world of sales, especially during the holiday season. Time-tested techniques are not so tested when a person applies them to their business. And when it comes to context, the market environment has changed significantly in the last decade or so.

Of course, this is not to suggest that the traditional marketing techniques are useless now, but the difference is that these days, you need to understand the essence of the problems and be open to new ways of addressing situations.

Every customer visiting your website expects a smooth and personalized experience from your website’s UI. That can be easily achieved with website optimization techniques and expertise.

To get through your user’s choices and treat them uniquely, you need to gather information from them. For collecting email addresses, website owners throw several popups that sometimes annoy the user. This leaves your customers with a poor customer experience.

To avoid this situation, you can add some exciting fun elements with coupons and deals to your store. These gamified popups entice them and you can easily get email subscribers for the newsletter and marketing.

Use these popups during Holiday Season Sale

Some of the popups that you can use during the holiday season are discussed in this blog. These interactive popups can be used all around the year to increase sales and customer engagement in your eCommerce store.

Add a lucky wheel to your online store


Spin and Win Extension displays a roulette-type popup on the front end of the site. Customers get attracted to the pop-up and spin the wheel to win prizes and discounts. At the same time, to claim the offer, they need to enter the email address and that solved your real purpose.

You have the email address that you can use for holiday marketing emails and send follow-up emails to visitors. It has various features that make the popup more dynamic that fit the holiday season sale. It is one of the best extensions for increasing customer engagement in your store. Also helps in boosting the conversion rate.

Interactive pop-up Extension allows the easy management of the discounts offered. According to the holiday season, it is possible to change the look and feel of the popup.

Magento-2-Spin-and-Win-progress meter


It offers attractive themes for occasions such as Easter, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, and others.

The Email Subscription pop-up Extension has built-in support for MailChimp and Klaviyo integration. It can effortlessly boost the site’s subscriber base.

Run the wheel demo from the product page and see it by yourself. I am sure you will love it.

The Spin and Win popup is available for the following platforms:

PrestaShop Spin & Win 

OpenCart Spin & Win

Magento 2 Spin & Win

WooCommerce Spin & Win

Scratch Card Pop-up


Scratch Coupon module, which is an awesome extension helps boost the usability of the website, conversion rates, and website traffic and customer interaction for any eCommerce shop.

This Scratch card pop-up module guarantees the seamless availability of tempting scratch discount coupons to customers to keep them interested in your eCommerce shop.

It can play a crucial role in shaping your eCommerce holiday sales and your business fortunes among your rivals.

The module has a simple and responsive layout that provides a smooth experience on all devices. It is completely mobile responsive as most of the users visit websites using mobile phones.

The coupons can be generated with flat-off or percentage-based discounts. The customer will have to scratch the coupon to get a coupon code that can be redeemed later. This scratch card extension is compatible with all other themes to provide a smooth user experience.

It is now easier for you to get a full overview of the total number of coupons produced, the coupons used and the coupons expired within a period due to the advanced statistics features of this plugin.

This complete data is available in the form of pie charts or graphical data to monitor the full functioning of the coupon codes.

The Scratch Coupon Popup is available for the following platforms:

Scratch Coupon – Prestashop Addons 

OpenCart Scratch Coupon popup

Scratch Coupon – Magento 2 ® Extensions

Scratch Coupon – Magento ® Extensions

Shopify Scratch Coupon

Exit Popup

Exit pop up for valentines day

Exit-Intent popups are used to keep users from abandoning your website. When a user tries to close the window, it recognizes this and displays a popup in front of them.

It’s one of the greatest email popups since it comes at the last possible minute, giving you one final chance to persuade visitors to stay on your website. During the holiday season, the exit-intent popup has the best chance of capturing the user’s attention.

When a user intends to leave your website, the Exit-Intent Popup from Knowband shows an interactive popup. You can also add a thank you message in the exit pop-up.

The Exit Popup plugin is available for the following platforms:

PrestaShop Exit Pop up Addon

OpenCart Exit Pop up Extension

Magento Exit Pop up Extension

Magento 2 Exit Pop up Extension

Wrapping Up:

Don’t think of it as a short-term deal when providing quality service to your customers. Instead, make a long-term investment in your customers and create a repeat market opportunity. Not only for the holiday season marketing but you can use these pop-ups whenever you want to.

New and old customers should have the same experience, no matter how large or small the company is. Consistency can be one of the most critical quality elements for your customers.

If you’re committed to satisfying your clients and prospects not only can you know how to improve profits, get repeat business, and satisfied customers; you’ll also achieve less unpredictable sales processes.


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