The Best Ways to Improve Your App Ranking on the Google Play Store

The Best Ways to Improve Your App Ranking on the Google Play Store

Having a good number of downloads is one of the best feelings ever for every online business. The true problem is figuring out how to surpass the 3.4 million mark and get your mobile app at the top of the list. The term “ASO” stands for “App Store Optimization.”App Store Optimisation is the process of adding a boost to the rank of mobile apps by applying various strategies. Various factors help an app rank higher on the Google Play store. Here are some of the most important aspects of making the app rank higher.

According to solid Google statements, there are 3.4 million mobile apps available on the Google Play store. Without a doubt, the figure is massive and continues to rise. There is a vast variety of mobile apps available on the Google Play store. For example, you can find millions of games, eCommerce apps, fitness-related apps, banking apps, and much more. Setting your mobile apps anywhere near the top of the Google Play store search list is a difficult task due to the big amount.

Understand the Beat of Market Competition:

Understand the Beat of Market Competition

It is frequently asserted that to excel in competition, one must fully understand it. The same saying applies to the ASO process. The first important aspect for a successful mobile app to rank highly is to do some market research.

Take a look at the customer segment you are targeting and the keyword search on the Google Play store for the apps they are looking for.

Apart from that, there are a few aspects of market understanding that play an important role in the ASO, such as keywords that should be highlighted, customers’ behavior, how easy it is to use your mobile app, and all the keywords your competitors are using, and much more.

Pick the Perfect Application Name:


The second and most important aspect of improving the ASO factor is to start with an authentic application name. The number of searchers who visit the app page increases every time the name is associated with the company category. Furthermore, reports have clearly shown that 67% of users tend to download apps that have names that are related to their search terms.

Management of Application Ratings:

Management of Application Ratings

Ratings are the first thing that appears in front of users as soon as they enter your mobile app. Moreover, it is always an ideal idea to have ratings maintained over 4.

The reason for this is that users attempt to analyze mobile apps based on the ratings they have received.

In simple words, it is a must to offer users the opportunity to experience their best while using your mobile apps, and later convert that experience into positive ratings.

Translation Factor:


The one element that many developers overlook in addition to the app posting is the missing translation. For instance, it is always good to add the translated description along with the mobile apps.

The reason behind it is to attract the targeted user base by adding the required information in their favorite language on the Google Play store.

Additional Promotional Events:

Apart from the on-page ASO activities, other off-page activities add value to the customer traffic of mobile apps. For example, the developers can promote their Mobile Apps on their websites, social accounts, and other platforms.

Certainly, the promotional activities show an instant boost in the download number of mobile apps.

SEO Activities:

SEO Activities

The ranking and download of mobile apps can be simply improved by enlisting the aid of SEO operations, despite what could seem like a difficult task. The developers can post their related content targeted to the search keyword based on their business, and the generated backlink can help the mobile app rank higher.

Here are a few of the tactics that various app developers most frequently employ to rank their mobile apps higher on the Google Play store. Furthermore, did you know that you can create your mobile apps without any coding or technical skills with the Knowband Mobile App Builder?


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In the End

Mobile Apps are one of the most relevant aspects of any business or organization. Being at the top of the list not only improves the reputation of the brand but also benefits businesses. Furthermore, in this article, we have discussed some of the most useful strategies followed by the Most Successful Mobile Apps. Additionally, if you want to work with us to create your no-code mobile apps, you may contact us at to have a thorough conversation.

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