Facebook is extending ads from users and brands to the Marketplace

Facebook launched the Marketplace in the year 2016, the main objective of the Facebook Marketplace was to allow the users buy and sell locally. In order to promote the marketplace, Facebook has started showing it in the main navigation bar. Facebook Marketplace allows the users to browse the products and services from the people in their localities. As posted on the Facebook business page “Over the past few months, we’ve enabled businesses to list a variety of offerings in Marketplace such as used vehicles, home rentals, home services and jobs. And now, businesses can advertise in Marketplace to reach people where they’re actively shopping.

Ads from businesses appear alongside other products and services in Marketplace, and extending your ads to Marketplace is easy. By selecting Automatic Placements, your ads can appear across our various placement options such as News Feed, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network and now, Marketplace. Advertising across our platforms enables you to reach your target audience wherever they’re spending time, giving you more opportunities to connect with people likely to be interested in your offerings.

Businesses are already seeing results using ads in Marketplace. Thread Wallets, an accessories company, generated more than 300 purchases while increasing its year-over-year return on ad spend by 41% after adding Marketplace as a placement for its conversions campaigns.


Over the next few weeks, all advertisers targeting audiences in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will be able to run ads in Marketplace using the traffic, conversions, product catalog, video views and reach objectives.”

Use Facebook Shop to grow your business faster

Facebook provides an interface to the users and brands to showcase their products and services on their page. Facebook Shop allows you to display the products from your shop on Facebook. It helps sellers to reach to more audience, in order to reduce the additional efforts of listing the products one by one Facebook has also released the Shop API to automate the process of listing the products on Facebook Shop. By using the Facebook Shop, you can allow the customers to browse and discover the products with ease.

Knowband offers the FB Store Module for the Prestashop store owners to make the process of creating the Facebook Shop hassle-free for the Prestashop store owners.

Benefits of the using FB Shop Module developed by Knowband:

1) Interactive banner to promote your brand:

For the businesses, it is important to win the customer trust. The banner on your Facebook shop allows you to show the vision and purpose, your core values, your culture and behavior. By displaying an attractive homepage banner you can create your brand value.

2) Home Page content:

In this section, you can explain the product and services you offers.

3) Navigation Menu:

You can display the Navigation Menu on the Facebook Shop and highlight the top categories of your Prestashop store on the Facebook Shop page.

4) Featured categories and featured products:

This section allows you to display the featured categories and products on the Facebook shop page.

Please refer to the attached screenshot of the demo Facebook Shop page:


Get the Facebook Shop Module for your Prestashop Store.

Knowband offers Social Media extensions for the different eCommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart and Prestashop.

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