Is eCommerce Conversion your Problem?

eCommerce Conversion

With the right SEO strategy and website optimization, bringing the traffic to the website becomes easier. Even the task of finding the right target audience is achievable. However, most of the eCommerce companies complain about low conversion. If you are getting the desired traffic, but the visitors are not converting, the
your bottom line will suffer for sure.

Is your online shopping site suffering from any such issue? The very first step to deal with such an issue to find the root cause.

From the outside, CRO might look like a daunting task but the same as what’s generating your revenues by 2% or 3%. There are areas in your website that require expert recommendations and improvements and that’s exactly where ecommerce SEO services step in.

Invest in high-resolution images

High Resolution Image

We know what they all say – a picture can say a thousand words. Well, they are not wrong. When you are investing in practices like social media optimization with blogs and rich content, investing in high-resolution images is what you would want to take a closer look at. Not only in the content, but the product images used on the product pages should be of high quality. After all, the customers would not be able to touch what you’re selling so they have to feel it by the eyes. In accordance with the product description available on the same page, the image should come across as a worthy product to be purchased. Depending on the detailing that you want the customers to get to, make sure that your image resolution is high.

Free shipping is the key

Free Shipping

Who doesn’t like free things? Every customer does. Every online shopper keeps an eye on a few things and free shipping is one of them. When you keep such policies (shipping, return, delivery and more) in accordance with what the shoppers like, you’re in for high conversions. You would find some store giving free shipping on “order of x or more” whereas; there are those which don’t have a respective amount as well. When you offer free shipping to your customers, there are lesser chances of the customers bouncing back abandoning the cart.

Coupon codes work miracles

Coupon Code

Why do you think the coupon companies are earning so good? Because they offer discounts from all the big online stores. If you take a look at the image below, you’ll find that the women’s clothing store offering a section where you can apply the coupon code and the customer will get a hefty discount. And, when you talk about discounts – it is one of the best ways to please the shoppers and get your visitor to convert to a customer.

Tailor-make the prices

Tailor make prices

With a store like Amazon that offers a gamut of brands under the same roof, you would have to cut-down the prices or at least adjust the same in order to be visible to the customer. In today’s time, you know how the competition among the stores is and the awareness among the shoppers has made given them the freedom to compare the prices on all the respective stores in order to get the best buy. Don’t keep a specific price all the time. Keep fluctuating within the limit and also keep a check on the competitor stores. This would make your online store come across as a credible one resulting in being the solution to the conversion problem.

Modify your checkout process

Checkout Process



Image source: Awake

Gone are those days when you would give lengthy forms to the customers to fill before they make the payment for the purchase. Now, if you indulge in such practices, your rate of the abandoned cart will go up a level. Now’s the time to modify your checkout page and adopt one-page checkout module in order to retrieve the basic information that you need from the customer and get them to make the payment without wasting any time. This is the step where you can look for the better option with the advantages of A/B testing or any other method that lets you get to know your visitors better.

Incorporate the abandoned cart tool

Low conversions are when your visitor didn’t convert. Whether it by leaving the items in the cart or by not filling the details on the checkout page, or any other way, the result is a high bounce rate. Now, specifically talking about abandoned carts – it is when a customer lands on your site, adds products to the cart and then leaves without converting Send notifications to the customer about the items in the cart with the options of you providing them a special coupon to buy the product that they forgot in the cart.

Use chatbots


Chatbots are one of the most upcoming ways to keep your customers engaged at the store. Whether in a form of providing help in their search-hunt or by giving them the desirable option based on their likes, chatbots have come quite handy in eCommerce SEO. The availability when your customer needs you provides a sense of credibility towards your store and that’s exactly where you get a bonus point from your customer.

If you are all set with someone or the other to be available to handle the questions that pop up from the customer’s end, this module can help you in the long run.

With these ways, you can turn your low conversion rate into high conversion rates.

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