How to add or activate/deactivate a product in Etsy Marketplace?

Etsy is a professional online marketplace specifically engaged in online trading of vintage and handcrafted products. The site also regulates the buying and selling of art products such as jewelry-making tools, wire, and beads.

Etsy provides a very easy and quick way to add products in your shop. Adding products in your shop is a cakewalk, through which you can showcase your products to your customers. This article will walk you through the process of adding a product or activating/deactivating the product listing in your Etsy shop.


Step 1: Login into Etsy

Got to Login to your Etsy account by clicking the “Sign in” option provided in the top right corner.

Add a product in Etsy MarketplaceStep 2: Shop Manager

After you have successfully logged in, click on the “Shop Manager” in the top right corner.

Add a product in Etsy MarketplaceStep 3: Listing

In the “Shop Manager”, you will find an option “Listings” on the left menu. The option displays all the products you have added to your marketplace.

Add a product in Etsy MarketplaceStep 4: Add a listing

Click on the “Add a listing” button in the top right corner, the option lets you add the product’s photo and other details of the product.

Add a product in Etsy MarketplaceStep 5: Adding Photo

Click on the “Add Photo” option and upload a photo of the product/item. After this, you will be able to see the image of your products listed by you.

Add a product in Etsy MarketplaceStep 6: Add details

Fill all the details of the product/item like title, categories, description, production partner, a primary and secondary color, size, price & quantity of the product and other relevant details. The description of the product should be accurate and meaningful so that customers can understand the product in detail and can go for instant purchases without any inconvenience.

Add a product in Etsy MarketplaceAdd a product in Etsy MarketplaceStep 7: Shipping Method

Choose “Shipping Option” for the product you have added. You can add or update the shipping profile accordingly.

Add a product in Etsy MarketplaceStep 8: Publish the item

Click on the “Publish” button to make items publish in your store. Now your products are visible on the front end of Etsy Marketplace.

Add a product in Etsy MarketplaceAdd a product in Etsy MarketplaceOnce the above steps are completed, the item will be public on your store.

Video for adding a product on Etsy


Etsy also offers sellers access to renew/hide and activate/deactivate items from the Etsy Marketplace. There are times when you add product to your store and you can’t have enough supply to deliver. That is when, Etsy lets you deactivate your listings for items you can’t provide to your customers and then reactivate them later.

After logging in to Etsy. Complete the first 3 steps listed above. After that you can follow the steps as follows:

Step 4: Settings

In the listing tab, there is a “Settings” option, which will give you options to manage the product.


Step 5: Activate/Deactivate Product

Click on the “Activate/Deactivate”. The store will ask for confirmation, on confirming the same, the store will activate/deactivate the product. Once deactivated, the listing will not appear in your public shop.

For reactivating the items, the seller needs to check the whether the listed item is expired or not. For expired items, the seller needs to pay 0.20 USD to renew the item. For inactive items who haven’t expired, reactivating is free of cost.



Video for activating/deactivating product listing on Etsy Marketplace:

Over to you:

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