An Incredible Sports Supplements eCommerce Store– “BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins”


Ecommerce businesses these days are booming and it majorly depends upon the root idea of the business. The major population shops online these days so it’s very important for the business to remain authentic. If the idea behind the business is headed in the right direction, then there are no stoppers on the way for that business to flourish. In this blog, we are going to discuss an incredible sports supplements and accessories business. BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins are one of the leading eCommerce businesses in sports supplementation and accessories background. This company is rooted in Tashkent city; Uzbekistan delivers its products to all areas of the country.

The Sports nutrition business by “BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins” was initiated in the year 2013. The business was initially selling sports supplements and vitamins but it started selling other sports accessories which led to exponential growth in the business. As fitness is becoming a new trend worldwide and hence this business idea had to escalate leaps and bounds.

About BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins

Since its establishment in 2013, this company has had both positive and bad consequences on its operations. In the initial years, the business was not able to function with many profitable margins. But with the work being put into the business, it had to grow in the fitness and nutrition section of the eCommerce.


The BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins has its own mobile application on which they sell its products. After the inclusion of the mobile app by Knowband to their arsenal the sales increased drastically. The Brand keeps offering the best nutrition products at a very genuine price to their customers. This has resulted in the exponential growth of the BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins over the last few years.

Products offered by BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins

BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins is one of the best Supplements and health products providers in Uzbekistan. They sell the products like proteins, gainers, creatine, vitamins, sports goods, and many other uncountable numbers of products that can transform your life to another level.


BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins Mobile App

BLB nutrition decided to take a step further in the business by launching a mobile application for selling. This resulted in an emerging new feat for sales growth. The Business decided to use Knowband’s mobile application for this purpose which proved beneficial to the eCommerce business. Customers may quickly go through all of the products thanks to how user-friendly the Application is to use.


Driving force behind the success of BLB Ecommerce business

The main thing driving the business is the idea behind it. The company always expands, regardless of the idea that inspired its creation. Health and nutrition are very important in the present world and developing a business around them is a great idea. Moreover, the deals and offers present at the store add up to the sales of the store and help bring new customers to it. The mobile application of Knowband used by this sports nutrition business is yet another asset for the growth of the business. People want to access the products easily for ordering. For doing so they prefer to do that on mobile as it is much more convenient than ordering through the computer.


Winding UP!!!

The success of BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins serves as motivation for individuals who have aspired to open a lucrative online store. The Mobile application used by BLB Nutrition is a great asset to the online business. This lets them offer various unique offers and products to a large number of customer groups as people who use mobile are larger in number. Similar to BLB Sports Nutrition and Vitamins you can also use the mobile application for selling your unique products to a larger customer group. Wondering how? Kindly contact Knowband to get your new mobile application to boost your sales and enhance your user experience. This will help you grow your eCommerce business. 

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