Maison Borracci, Italy’s Top-Notch Fashion Brand’s Success Story!

Maison Borracci, Italy's Top-Notch Fashion Brand’s Success Story!

In this modern eCommerce era, there are a huge number of businesses you can find easily selling online. But what is required to set the business on top and make it through the competition is dedication and the right strategies.

Likewise, in this article, we are going to share the success story of Italy’s top-notch fashion apparel brand. Maison Borracci is known as one of the best online businesses for fashion wear categories in Italy. Maison Borracci provides its premium quality offerings on Maison Borracci Android and iOS Mobile Apps. And also the customer can buy from the personalized store.

Maison Borracci

Maison Borracci


The roots of Maison Borracci took place in 2013 with the dedication of the three Borracci brothers. Pietro, Domenico, and Alessandro. Although the passion was handed over by the family business, it has continued since 1975.

It took the company several years not only to rule over the entire Italian clothing industry but also to establish a wonderful image in the hearts of its valued customers. The Maison Borracci team only offers premium-quality suiting and shirting. Along with fashion wear brand is also known for its fashionable shoe categories.

Maison Borracci’s Mobile App

Maison Borracci also offers a customized eCommerce store and mobile apps to its customers.

Developed with Knowband PrestaShop Mobile App Builder. Maison Borracci Android and iOS mobile apps are loaded with a wide variety of rich features. The Maison Borracci Mobile Apps offer mobile app users a premium user experience. The brand left no space by putting every near and dearly required option right at users’ fingertips.

Maison Borracci, Italy's Top-Notch Fashion Brand’s Success Story!


Additionally, Borracci Mobile apps support one-tap social login options. Like Facebook Login, Google Login, and Apple Login along with fingerprint login. Apps ensure a smooth login and sign-up experience for Borracci Mobile App users.

The customer can find their perfect brand choice available in the Borracci Mobile Apps. Along with all the amazing offerings, Maison Borracci offers special premium segments for mobile app users.

Maison Borracci’s Customer Base:

Maison Borracci, Italy's Top-Notch Fashion Brand’s Success Story!

Along with 2 offline stores in Noicattaro and mobile apps, customers can also find their favorite products from the Borracci online store. The website stands for a brand that assures quality to the visitors and is loaded with rich and attractive products at very fair prices.

Maison Borracci


Maison Borracci brand, an online shop also offers other royal brands like Levi’s, Harmont & Blaine, Roy Roger’s, Tommy, and Armani. Customers can also find the brand’s well-known social accounts on the Borracci website itself.

Knowband’s Affiliates with Maison Borracci

The Maison Borracci Shop’s PrestaShop-based development was handled by Knowband OpenCart Mobile App Builder. The team has taken care of every single aspect of the mobile app development by uploading it to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Maison Borracci Mobile Apps have passed through various quality and cyber security checks. The App assured quality tests before being available to customers.

REVIEW of mobile app builder

Along with adding the pre-loaded features of the Knowband PrestaShop Mobile App maker. The Knowband tech team has also provided additional custom work services in the Mobile App development. Customers can feel the cozy feeling while using the Borracci Mobile Apps.

In the end:

Marvelous stories like this start zeal feelings inside millions of business start-ups. Yet, setting up a business is not enough to overcome the market competition. It requires changes and strategies with proper dedication and implementation.

Likewise, Maison Borracci the Knowband PrestaShop No Code Mobile App Maker can also create rich-features loaded Mobile Apps for your eCommerce Business. Please feel free to contact for the free demo today.

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