OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Plugin by Knowband – User Manual

OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Plugin by Knowband – User Manual


Introducing the Knowband OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Plugin. With the OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Plugin, you can effortlessly engage with your customers in real-time. By providing them with instant assistance and personalized support. Gone are the days of lengthy email exchanges or waiting for customers to call your helpline. Now, you can meet your customers where they are, on their preferred messaging platform.

Furthermore, the OpenCart WhatsApp Chat plugin offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to manage and respond to customer queries efficiently. Whether it’s answering product inquiries, resolving issues, or providing pre or post-sales support. You can do it all through WhatsApp, ensuring a seamless and convenient customer experience.


2.0. Features Offered by OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Module:

  1. Real-time Chat: The Knowband’s WhatsApp live chat plugin for Opencart enables real-time communication between website visitors and store owners or support staff via WhatsApp.
  2. WhatsApp Integration: The plugin integrates the WhatsApp messaging platform into your OpenCart website. Allowing customers to directly communicate with your business through their WhatsApp accounts.
  3. Quick Setup: The extension offers an easy setup process, allowing you to connect your WhatsApp account with your OpenCart store. Furthermore, it takes zero coding skills to make your shop customer support ready with the WhatsApp Chat plugin.
  4. Chat Notifications: The OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager plugin provide notifications for incoming messages. Ensuring that you don’t miss any customer inquiries or messages.
  5. Multiple Agent Support: If you have a team managing customer support, the extension allows assigning different timing slots to different chat agents.
  6. Offline Messages: If you or your support staff are unavailable, the OpenCart WhatsApp Chat extension helps capture offline messages from customers, which can be responded to later.
  7. Mobile-friendly: The extension is mobile-responsive, allowing customers to initiate chats and receive responses easily on mobile devices.
  8. Multiple Language Support: The extension supports multiple languages, allowing customers to communicate in their preferred language.
  9. Condition-Based Chat Options: The store admin can choose specific product categories and product pages where they want to provide the WhatsApp chat option. Furthermore, it helps to resolve customer queries within a very limited time in an effective way.


3.0. Benefits of Using Knowband’s OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Plugin on Your Website:

Improved Customer Communication:

Live chat allows for direct and real-time communication with customers. This further enables prompt responses to their inquiries, providing a better customer experience, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Increased Sales and Conversions:

Live chat offers an opportunity to engage with customers during their buying journey, answer their questions, address concerns, and provide personalized recommendations. This can not only lead to higher conversion rates but will also lead to increased sales.

Instant Customer Support:

With Knowband’s Opencart WhatsApp live chat plugin installed, customers can get immediate assistance without having to wait for an email response or phone call. This improves customer satisfaction and builds trust in your business.

Cost-Effective Support Solution:

Live chat can be more cost-effective compared to traditional customer support channels like phone support. It allows support agents to handle multiple chats simultaneously, reducing the need for a large support team.

Efficient Issue Resolution:

Furthermore, the live chat enables real-time back-and-forth conversation. Making it easier to understand and resolve customer issues quickly. This can help in reducing customer frustration and resolve problems promptly.

Increased Customer Engagement:

The interactive nature of live chat encourages customers to engage with your website and ask questions. This engagement can lead to a deeper understanding of their needs and preferences, enabling you to offer personalized recommendations and build long-term relationships.

Enhanced Customer Insights:

Knowband Opencart WhatsApp Live chat extensions often provide visitor information, such as location and referral source, allowing you to gather valuable insights about your customers. This information can be used to tailor your marketing strategies and improve overall customer targeting.

Improved Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities:

During live chat conversations, agents can identify opportunities to recommend related products or upsell additional services. Thereby, increasing the average order value and revenue per customer.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems:

Live chat extensions, including the “OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Extension,” are typically designed to integrate smoothly with your existing OpenCart store, making it convenient to set up and manage without major disruptions.

Competitive Advantage:

By offering live chat support, you differentiate your business from competitors that may rely solely on traditional support methods. This can attract customers who value quick and convenient support and give you an edge in the market.

4.0. Installation Guide:

To install this OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Plugin, please follow the following steps:

Purchase the OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Extension from the Knowband store. You’ll get the following files:

Zipped File containing the source code of the OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Extension and the User Manual.

Follow the steps below to install the OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Plugin in the OpenCart store:

  1. Unzip the zipped File: You’ll get the folders as shown in the image below:

Opencart whatsapp chat plugin - Knowband


  1. Copy all the files and folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.

3. The OpenCart Infinite Scroll module is now installed and is ready to use. Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions as shown in the image below:
Opencart Whatsapp live chat manager plugin by Knowband


5.0. Admin Interface:

The OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Extension provided a dedicated and easy-to-manage admin panel for the module configurations.
The store admins can modify module settings at their convenience without the need for coding or technical skills.

5.1.0 General Setting:

The store admin can enable/disable the WhatsApp Chat Plugin using the shown button in the below image.

Whatsapp chat module v1.0

5.2.0 Agent Information:

In the following tab, the admin can find the list of all the chat agents and can manage (edit/delete) any chat agent information if required.



5.2.1 Agent Information Setting:

We have provided the agent configuration options in the following tab. The OpenCart store admin can choose the specific products, specific categories, agent timing slots, etc. from the agent information tab provided by Knowband OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Plugin.




Status: The admin can enable/disable any particular chat agent with the following button.

Agent Name: You can modify your chat agent name in the following section.

Agent Phone Number: The following text field is designed to contain the chat agent phone number to which the customers will be redirected after clicking on the WhatsApp chat button.

Predefined Message: The store admin can add pre-defined messages for customers in this field.

Display Device: You can choose the specific devices where you want to display the WhatsApp chat option. Select Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, or all as per your business needs.

Select Where to Display: The admin can choose the specific pages where he is looking forward to providing the chat support option. For example, we have provided the option for selecting the home, product, order confirmation, cart page, and category page.




Select Product Condition: The store admin can choose the specific products for the WhatsApp chat option from here. If you want to show the chat option for all the products, you can select the “All Products” checkbox.

However, if you just want to show the WhatsApp chat option on some specific product pages, you can enter the name of the same in the shown field.

Select Category Condition: This option is provided for allowing the admins to choose if they just want to provide the WhatsApp chat option for specific categories or all categories.

If you want to show the WhatsApp Chat option for some specific categories only, you can enter the name in the provided fields.

Add Custom CSS: In this particular text field, the OpenCart store admin can custom CSS to modify the look and feel of the WhatsApp Chat icon.

Time Slot: We provide a time slot option in OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Extension. In the start and end fields shown in the above image, the admin can add shift starting and ending dates for the live chat agents.

6.0.0. Front End: OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Manager Plugin:

As we have discussed the easy to configurable back-end settings offered by OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Extension. After making the required configurations, the store admin can enable the customer support option on the storefront within no time.

Furthermore, you can also check out the module demo for checking the live front-end and back-end preview of the WhatsApp Chat Plugin for Opencart.

Moreover, in case you are having any queries or suggestions regarding the WhatsApp Chat Manager Plugin, you can also reach out to our support staff at



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