Knowband Introducing the New Opencart Pre-Order Extension!!

Knowband Introducing the New Opencart Pre-Order Extension

Knowband, a leading provider of innovative e-commerce solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Opencart Pre-Order Extension. The OpenCart product pre-order is designed to empower online businesses with advanced pre-order functionality. Furthermore, the OpenCart advance order extension is set to revolutionize the way merchants manage and sell their products.

In today’s fiercely competitive e-commerce arena, maintaining a competitive edge is paramount. Following the same, The Opencart Pre-Order plugin allows online retailers to create a buzz around upcoming products. This further leads to generating early sales and ensures a seamless shopping experience for their customers.
By enabling pre-orders, businesses can increase product visibility, build anticipation, and maximize revenue potential.

Key Features of the Opencart Product Advance Booking Plugin:


Features of the Opencart Product Advance Booking Plugin by Knowband


Easy Integration: 

The extension seamlessly integrates with your existing Opencart store, enabling hassle-free setup and configuration. Moreover, you can create pre-orders using OpenCart Pre-order plugin on the go without having any coding skills.

Product Previews: 

Showcase upcoming products with attractive images, descriptions, and expected release dates to entice customers and create a sense of exclusivity.
Moreover, this will not only help the eCommerce admins to create a sense of urgency among customers. But also, it will lead to generating early sales even before the product launch.

Pre-Order Placement: 

Customers can conveniently place pre-orders for upcoming products, ensuring they don’t miss out on the latest releases. Moreover, they can also reserve their products by paying a small pre-order amount which the admin can set from the store back-end.

Inventory Management: 

Using the OpenCart Sell Out-of-Stock Products Plugin by Knowband the admins can effectively manage stock levels and automatically notify customers when pre-ordered products become available for purchase.

Flexible Payment Options: 

Offer customers the choice to pay upfront or during product release. Providing them with convenience and flexibility in purchasing their favorite products.

Customizable Labels: 

Personalize pre-order labels and messages to align with your brand identity and engage customers effectively. Furthermore, the store admins can specify the pre-order products by showing lucrative text labels on the pre-orders.

Order Tracking: 


Order Tracking in Opencart Pre-Order Plugin


Keep customers informed about the status of their pre-orders, from initial purchase to shipment and delivery. Moreover, we have tailored the OpenCart pre-order extension for sending regular mail updates to customers regarding pre-orders.


In the end:

Today’s rapidly evolving e-commerce environment necessitates creative solutions that empower businesses to boost sales. Enhance customer experiences, and maximize revenue potential.”
Knowband’s Opencart Pre-Order Plugin empowers merchants to tap into the power of pre-orders, building excitement, and anticipation among their customer base.

Whether you’re launching a new product or running a limited-edition release. This extension provides the necessary tools to streamline your pre-order process and boost customer engagement.

To learn more about the Opencart Pre-Order Extension and how it can benefit your online business, please visit the following link or contact our sales team at


About Knowband:

Knowband is a leading provider of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, empowering businesses of all sizes to thrive in the digital realm. With a strong focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Knowband offers a comprehensive suite of extensions and services to enhance online store functionality and drive success.
Moreover, along with OpenCart, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento, and Magento 2 plugins. We also offer custom eCommerce and Mobile App development services at very reasonable prices.



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