Opencart Free Shipping Manager extension- User Manual

1.0 Introduction

Opencart Free Shipping Manager module is a feature-rich module which allows the online merchant to offer free shipping to the online users. The store merchant can apply conditions and rules for free shipping benefits.

The online users can show a free-shipping block on the cart summary page. Opencart Free Shipping Manager plugin allows admin to set the minimum order amount and weight for availing free shipping. By offering free shipping to online users, admin can increase sales and reduce cart abandonment cases.

Admin can also select countries where he wants to implement any free shipping rule. This way, online users can shop for their desired products without paying any shipping charges.

1.1 Features offered by Opencart Free Shipping Manager plugin

  • As a store merchant, you can offer free shipping to the consumers.
  • This Opencart Free Shipping Manager module allows setting terms and conditions for offering free shipping. Admin can add multiple free shipping rules.
  • The Free Shipping Price module for OpenCart allows setting the minimum order price and order weight for availing the discount.
  • Admin can also set the look and feel of the shipping block OpenCart module admin interface.
  • Admin can enable or disable any free shipping rule anytime. There is an option to select countries from the list for offering free shipping.
  • Free Shipping Price module for OpenCart provides an option to the store admin for setting the priority of free shipping rules.
  • Online consumers can check the cart summary page for getting exact detail for meeting the free shipping conditions.
  • The OpenCart Free Shipping extension is multilingual compatible and also compatible with all the OpenCart themes.

2.0 Installation Steps

Purchase Opencart Free Shipping Manager plugin from the Knowband store. You will receive these files after purchasing it:

  • First, you will get a source code zipped file.
  • User Manual

Follow below-mentioned steps to install Free Shipping Price module for OpenCart:

1. Unzip the received zip file. You will get the folders.

2. Copy all the folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.

3. There will be a file named kbpdf_free_Shipping.ocmod.xml (In case of Openvar v3.0.x file name would be Upload the same file from the page “Admin -> Extension -> Extension Installer -> upload”.

So, the OpenCart Free Shipping Manager extension is now successfully installed and ready to use at your store.

3.0 Admin Settings

After installing the OpenCart free shipping module, the e-merchant can apply the settings for offering free shipping.
There are following sections available to the admin interface:

  • Module Configuration
  • Free Shipping

3.1 Module Configuration

In the module configuration section, the online merchant can set up a general configuration of the Opencart Free Shipping Manager module.

Check the customization options here:
Opencart Free Shipping Manager plugin:Module Configuration

  • Status: Activate or deactivate the module functionality from here.
  • Disable rule with voucher: Once this setting is disabled, the free shipping offer will not be applicable even when the voucher is applied.
  • Background Color: Select the background color.
  • Font color: Choose the font color from here.
  • Border Color: Select the border color here.
  • Custom CSS: Enter the Custom CSS code here.

 3.2 Free Shipping

In the free shipping rule section, the online merchant can set up free shipping rules. The OpenCart free shipping module allows creating multiple free shipping rules.

Opencart Free Shipping Manager plugin: Free shipping rules
3.2.1 Steps to add new Free Shipping Rule

Admin can add new rules from the admin interface. For adding a new rule, the admin needs to click on the “+” button.
add new free shipping rule
After clicking on this button, enter these details as shown below:

add rule

  • Name: Enter Rule name here.
  • Minimum amount: Set the minimum amount for availing free shipping.
  • Minimum Weight: Enter the minimum weight of the overall order for which you can offer free shipping. If the maximum weight of the order is 0 then this condition will not work.
  • Priority: Admin can set the priority of the free shipping rule.
  • Activate: Activate the rule from here.
  • Country: Admin can select the country from the list for which he doesn’t want to implement any particular rule.

3.2.2 Steps to Delete free Shipping Rule

Admin can click here for deleting any free shipping rule. Check the below screenshot for more details:

delete rule

3.2.3 Steps to Update free Shipping Rule

Admin can click here for updating any free shipping rule. Check this screenshot:

update rule

4.0 Website UI

In the website front-end interface, the online users can view the impact. After adding any product in the cart, online users can select the “Estimated Shipping and taxes” option and enter country and area details here. Check the below-mentioned screenshot:


After submitting all details, online users can select shipping fat rates as shown below:


After selecting shipping flat rates and clicking on apply shipping, the online users can view a free shipping block on the cart review page. They can get exact information about the remaining amount for availing free shipping.


As shown here, $3.90 remaining for availing free shipping. After adding another product, online users can view the free shipping message as shown below:


The online users can avail free shipping only if they fulfill all the conditions applied by store admin.

This way, the online users can avail free shipping while shopping for their desired products from your online store.

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