A No-Code Trick To Affordably Build Your Magento Mobile App

Whenever an eCommerce business decides to build a mobile application for themselves, the first few things that come to their consideration is app designing, development & deployment. To make a feature-rich & customer-centric Magento mobile app, all these factors must be expertly handled.

This can make the app-building project quite expensive, especially for eCommerce businesses. Fortunately, businesses with their website built on Magento don’t have to worry about any of these. All of the steps i.e. development, design & deployment is collectively offered by a Magento Native App Builder extension developed by KnowBand.

Check out the extensions from below links: 

Magento Mobile App Builder

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

This extension is a non-coding solution that can automatically create your own Magento Mobile App (APK/IPA files) using your own Magento website. It is very affordable for store owners as it costs only $169. Apart from that, store owners are also offered a free 3-month support period.

Using an app builder extension for building & launching an app is the latest trend. This Magento Mobile App Maker plugin is a secure & reliable approach that provides you with great user-end as well as backend features. Building a native Magento mobile app using such an app builder extension is easy for even a non-tech savvy person. Mentioned below are its 3 simple steps.

Quick Steps To Build & Launch A Magento Mobile App:


Step 1: Purchase the Magento Mobile App Maker extension from the KnowBand.

Step 2: Install the downloaded extension & install it on your Magento website. Then, simply fill the app pre-requisite form provided by KnowBand.

Step 3: Review your app & get it published on Google Play Store/Apple App Store.

If you want to test out this extension before purchasing, you can download its free version from the KnowBand Store & use it to design your demo app.

Highlighted Features Of Magento Mobile App Builder:

1. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Store owners are provided with an unlimited number of push notifications. They don’t need to worry about any such limitations. Some of these notifications can even be automated & scheduled such as the abandoned cart message, order status messages.

2. Home-Page Customization:

The complete home-page can be edited live using the visual home-page editor in the backend settings. Store owners can add interactive banners, sliders, countdown timer sale banners, etc all with just a few simple clicks & drag-&-drops.

3. Fully Customizable App:

This Magento app maker extension builds apps that are fully customizable. All of the customizations can be made easily from the backend of this extension. All of the at-a-glance features listed below are totally customizable. Store owners & admins can also take any sort of assistance from the experts at KnowBand. The possibilities with this extension are endless.

4. Deep Linking:

Deep linking is the latest feature addition with this app builder plugin. It effortlessly brings your mobile site visitors to the equivalent page on your Magento mobile app.  For such a case, your app must be already available on users’ devices. This helps to boost the user retention rate of your app.

5. Multi-lingual & Multi-Currency Support:

With this extension, your native Magento Mobile App would by default support multiple languages (including RTL scripts and languages) & currencies.

6. WhatsApp & Zopim Chat Support:

Two of the popular chat support platforms are integrated with your app using this extension. These are WhatsApp & Zopim Chat Support. Its sticky icons are present on the lower end Magento App. You can even enable/disable them from the backend if required. 

7. Social Sharing & Social/Fingerprint  Login:

Login & sharing is made easier for your app users. They can log in to your app using their Facebook/ Google accounts. Also, multiple social sharing options are also integrated with the app by default. App users can share any product on whichever platform they want. OTP(Phone Number) and Fingerprint login will be available in mobile apps. 

8. Shipment & Payments:

All of the payment & shipping methods active on your Magento website are by default supported & active on the mobile app as well. Admins can even deselect a few particular options on the app if they wish.

9. Real-Time Synchronization:

Because this extension derives a native mobile app right from your Magento website, all the data on both your app & site are in real-time synchronization with each other. This also keeps the catalog management automatic.


The popularity of mobile apps has been growing among netizens. Almost every eCommerce business is taking a step towards having a mobile app with all the latest features. With smart & affordable solutions such as this Magento Mobile App Builder, it only a matter of a couple of days to get the Magento app up & running.

Feel free to check out its demo version & its feature-list as it is packed with a lot more than the ones described in this write-up. For any queries or consultation, email us at support@knowband.com. We would be more than delighted to assist you.


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