How to Use the Newly Launched Instagram Reels for Business Marketing

Use-the-newly-launched-Instagram reels

Instagram Stories have already marked a significant shift in the way we create, share, and interact with content on social media. This style of content is fun, casual, and quick-fire and it’s being rolled out on a massive scale.

People are already using Instagram for marketing purposes and many are running their businesses on Instagram itself. It is important to have followers for increasing engagement on your product page. We already know how important is #hashtag when it comes to social media especially Instagram. After the launch of Instagram Reels, the business marketer got another opportunity to display their products and portfolios.

In this blog, I am going to discuss how Instagram reels work. Firstly, what is this new feature? Secondly, how Instagram reel can benefit business marketing? Lastly, How to create an interesting reel? Let’s get started:

What is Instagram Reel?


It’s been a month when Instagram introduced reels in the year 2020, no doubt they snagged this interesting idea from the popular competent app TikTok. From a survey, 9 out of 10 Americans think Instagram Reels is similar to TikTok.

The Instagram reel allows the user to make captivative, fun, and short video clips that can be posted as a reel, a story, or in the news feed. Reels in the Explore section will showcase Instagram’s best trending culture. Discover an entertaining customized selection of reels made by anyone on Instagram.   You can easily like, comment, or share a reel with your friends if you love it.

Instagram Reels in Business Marketing


I will be giving you 7 ways how you can use the reels for your business marketing? But before explaining that I would like you to explore the trending reels and learn how others are doing it. It is always good to learn from others when you are jumping into something you never did before.

Make a Tutorial Clip

If you are into education not the real lecture or whiteboard tutor, instead you’re doing tutorials or step-by-step videos for products or tips in your industry, certainly, Reels can create videos of a similar style.

Make-a-Tutorial-Clip-instagram reel

Give some Pro Tips

Are you already into digital marketing or an expert in your field? Then, Instagram reels can be a good platform for giving some pro tips and advice to the world. Make a short clip and do not forget to put Call-to-Action message clearly into your content.

A DIY on Reel

A “Do It Yourself” video clip can be made with Instagram Reel. DIY’s are most watched and people like exploring new ideas of building, modifying, or repairing things without the direct aid of experts or professionals.

Best way to Display Outfits

A fashion influencer or a Merchant business owner can display as many outfits as possible in one short clip. Keep the device in one place and divide the clip into multiple parts. This will create an appealing display video for your outfits.

Why not a Behind the Scenes Clip?

It is fun watching behind the scenes videos. You can make one for your IGTV tutorial which you have recently posted or for a YouTube video of your food channel. this is a great idea!

Product Demo

Are you an Influencer who promotes other products? Is your company launching a new product? Take the advantage of Instagram Reels. Make the product demo and let people explore it in their feeds.

Product Assembly

If you own a furniture business then make a reel for the product assembly. Not just furniture but a product assembly reel can be made for any object which appears as a Jig-Sa to the people.

How to Create Your First Reel on Instagram?

It’s easy to create your Reels on Instagram App but it only supports the mobile device.

You need to follow these basic steps:

  • Record your video with reels or use a pre-recorded video clip or a sequence of clips not more than 15sec
  • If you record without audio, choose a popular song or borrow the audio of someone else’s video but do not prejudice the Copywrite rights.
  • Edit your video using the built-in Instagram editing tools, like time-synced captions, filters and transition overlay.
  • Let the world see your reel as stories or news feeds!

Final Thoughts

Marketers and businesses must adopt a new strategy. In the era of digital marketing, platforms are constantly changing. Social media managers and marketers need to be flexible and willing to learn constantly. I can’t say this is the best possible option but you can give it a try with your old video clips or a bunch of photos to test the results.

As I said earlier, explore more before making one for your own business. It does have some limitations for business accounts like the audio functionality is not available but you can figure out a way to make your video more interesting and engaging.

If you have any tips and advice and you are going to try it after reading this then please write a comment below and let me know how it went? Make a film, edit, upload, and have fun!

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