Add PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to Improve Shopping Experience


Are you experiencing a sudden downfall in your website traffic? 

Your website ranking might get affected after every new Google SEO update. Many websites crawl up to the top but a few lose their rankings too.

The dwell time, UX, and focus keywords are some of the major Google ranking factors. These SEO ranking factors might not make you rank unless you optimize your website for its speed.

What is Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)?


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source initiative that aims to boost the performance of mobile web pages. Google and Twitter were the driving forces behind the project.

The technology underpinning AMP allows for lighter, faster-loading pages for smartphone and tablet users. As more individuals use mobile devices as their primary PC, this capability has become increasingly vital.

Optimize Website Speed with AMP 

To reduce website loading time on the PrestaShop store, consider using the best AMP Plugin, the PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages module. It helps you cope up with the new Google SEO ranking and gives an exclusive shopping experience to your customers.  

Studies say, around 40% of users click away from a website in 3 seconds. Many decide to turn on an ad blocker as soon as they visit the website. Hence, it’s time high time to optimize your Prestashop store so that the visitors spend more time than average. 

If it is about shopping experience then Mobile App Builder is also an option but with AMP you do not just make your website gadget-friendly but optimize it for Google SEO ranking too.

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  • Helps site owner reduce page load time

Website loading time is a major factor in increasing the bounce rate on a website. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) reduces the page load time and enhances your website’s performance on mobile devices and tablets.

  • Visitors spend more time than average

More visitors reach your website if page load time gets reduced. In addition, you attract more visitors to the website with the impressive themes and engaging design.

  • Various layout and designs

Layout and designs are vital elements of the website and every page has a distinct type of design. An AMP module allows the seller to customize the design and layout of the web pages to emphasize the look and feel of the website.

  • Faster website than competitors

When there are a lot of competitors, you can win your game by optimizing the speed and page loading time. Many users leave a website because they are impatient and look for other options immediately. Take the advantage of this by accelerating the speed of website pages.

  • Improves the user experience

The goal of AMP is to improve the user experience by making mobile surfing as simple as possible. The PrestaShop AMP addon adds a professional look to the website that gives a rich browsing experience.

PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can Improve Google Ranking

Module Compatibility

  • AMP Module PrestaShop Theme Compatibility

Implement the AMP on your PrestaShop websites which is compatible with all the PrestaShop themes other than the default theme. The PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) module does not require switching your theme and goes with the current design. 

  • AMP supports all PrestaShop versions

The AMP works for every PrestaShop version. The module is compatible with PrestaShop version 1.6 to the latest PrestaShop version 1.7.

  • PrestaShop Module Compatibility

If you have several other modules installed on your store and looking for an AMP that supports them, KnowBand’s PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) module is the one. It won’t affect the custom settings of your other modules. 

How PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Works?


The KnowBand’s PrestaShop AMP effectively makes the website user-friendly and mobile responsive. By implementing the AMP module on your PrestaShop store, you will not just get a fast-loading website but also observe an increment in user engagement along with various custom settings to configure it.

Lets us explore several features and customization options it offers:

Emphasis the brand Identity

  • Improve look and feel – Use several colors to add a vibe to your store.
  • Add and shift Logo– Adjust and resize your company’s logo in accordance with the website’s structure.
  • Showcase Products In Carousel Mode– On the Home page, Category page, product page, etc.
  • Display your business location and contact options like contact number, email address, etc.


Customize the entire store with PrestaShop AMP Settings

Be it the home page or the product page, the module allows you to customize each and every element of your web pages.

Home Page-PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

1. Optimize to increase home page dwell time 

You can use the PrestaShop AMP module to make your Home Page AMP-ready. On the main page, it allows you to display Featured Products, Bestsellers, and New Arrivals. The display banner is being uploaded. 


As the image depicts, the customization for the home page to display featured products, besides this, there are options for bestsellers, new arrivals, and others.

More home page customization options:

  • Adding custom text to the homepage’s top or bottom.
  • Carousel mode is used to display featured products.
  • Choosing the number of featured products that will be shown.
  • In addition, you can show movies from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.
  • Instagram and Twitter feed can be displayed on Home Page.

2. Customize Category Pages with AMP 

You can use the AMP module to enable AMP on Category pages. Displaying custom texts at the top or bottom of your Category page is part of the Category page customization. It allows choosing the right image size for the product.

3. Use AMP to customize the product page


You can transform your product pages into AMP-enabled product pages using the PrestaShop AMP plugin. You can customize the product page by displaying custom text, short product descriptions, product descriptions, product reviews, related items, and so on.

4. Make your menu bar unique

menu-PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages extension allows you to customize your menu bar to meet your needs. 

5. Add colors to the AMP-enabled PrestaShop website

The AMP module allows you to customize the colors on your AMP pages to make them more appealing.

On your AMP-enabled website, you can establish a distinct section for displaying your social media company sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr are all part of it. You can also add any other network if you want to.


Aside from that, you may use the menu slider to display your company’s location, email, and phone number.

google-analytics-PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The PrestaShop AMP module allows you to link your Google Analytics and Adsense accounts to your AMP-enabled website. This module also allows you to control the sitemap settings and link your Facebook profile.

To prevent the hassle of violating the GDPR law, include a GDPR cookie consent bar on your AMP-enabled website.

Note: Your website must be HTTPS enabled for the AMP module to work. The HTTP protocol is incompatible with AMP. As a result, you should strongly consider using the HTTPS protocol when generating AMP pages and content (vs. HTTP).

PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) example

PrestaShop AMP Home Page with navigation slider


Product Page and Category page PrestaShop AMP

amp-product-page amp-category-page

Finally, the PrestaShop Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) module lets you optimize your website pages for a user-friendly mobile experience. It gives you complete freedom to customize the home page, category page, and product page layout and designs. By adding a custom logo and text you can create a unique brand identity. Along with these design features, it allows the seller to link the social media account and videos on the home page. There are many other facilities given in the AMP setup.

Consider adding AMP to your website to make it user-friendly, mobile responsive, and SEO friendly with AMP addon.

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