Everything you need to know about Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon is here

Everything you need to know about prestashop abandoned cart addons

A re-marketing strategy called the Prestashop Abandoned cart addon aids eCommerce site owners in recouping and regaining lost purchases. It directs toward customers who abandon their shopping carts before making a buy. Typically, buyers add the perfect items to their shopping carts and then look for a better value or product at a different retailer. Low site revenues and cart abandonment result from this. The Prestashop Abandoned cart module sends clients reminder prompts about the items still in their cart to handle this problem.

In this blog, we will take a look at the stunning features and benefits of the Prestashop plugin by Knowband. Are you ready? Let us go ahead and check them out now.

Highlights of the Prestashop Abandoned cart recovery email addon

highlights of the abandoned cart addon

  • Send serial reminders to customers

The Prestashop Email Follow up module emails potential customers who have abandoned their carts to remind them to come back. The Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow-up addon allows emails that may deliver in an automated way or manually by the store shipper at certain predetermined intervals. Additionally, you may encourage buyers by giving enticing offers in the email that follows the transaction.

  • Prestashop Email Follow up addon sends emails as a reminder

Prestashop Abandoned cart addon informs shoppers of the items still in their cart so they can swiftly finish their transaction utilizing the discount coupon included in the email reminder.

Everything you need to know about Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon is here


  • Separate emails for discounted and non-discounted items using the Prestashop addon

Administrators may easily change and replace the discounted and non-discounted emails independently from the backend interface with the Prestashop Reduce Cart Abandonment addon. They have the option of changing the email’s structure, content, and promotional offer.

  • GDPR adherence

The Prestashop module complies with GDPR.

  • Customizable email reminder forms in the Prestashop Cart Abandoned addon

To save the admin time, the Prestashop abandoned cart reminder provides pre-characterized and fully adjustable reminder discount email templates.

  • Establishes a time frame for when the cart will be considered abandoned

The duration of time after which the cart includes in the abandoned rundown defines by the Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder plugin.

Everything you need to know about Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon is here


  • The Prestashop Abandoned cart addon has a cron functionality

The Prestashop module’s Cron feature allows the admin to automatically schedule and send reminder emails to specific customers once the predetermined period has passed. The cron log tabs allow the business owners to determine whether the cron is being used.

  • There is a test mode for the Prestashop plugin

The Prestashop Abandoned cart addon’s Test mode feature enables the admin to test the reminder cart emails on the specified email address.

  • Many serial reminders are available with the Prestashop Email Follow up module

You have the option to create and change N serial reminders using the admin board’s customizable Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder.

  • A view of the Converted Cart List and Abandoned Cart List is provided by the Prestashop plugin on the back end

The Abandoned Cart List and Converted Cart List, which are accessible from the backend, can both be viewed clearly and in detail, thanks to the Prestashop Abandoned Cart Email Follow Up Module.

Everything you need to know about Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon is here


  • A statistical comparison of abandoned versus converted carts in the module

In addition to the filter option, the Prestashop Reduce Cart Abandonment addon provides a statistical breakdown of abandoned vs converted carts in the form of charts and tables.

  • Tracks information with Abandoned Cart Serial Reminder

The Prestashop Abandoned cart addon module keeps track of information for both shop visitors and customers who have logged in.

  • Pop-up functionality for Prestashop’s module

An additional feature of the Prestashop addon allows consumers who have abandoned their carts to receive popup notifications. Additionally, the store owners may lower the prices of their goods. The discount information will also be stored for the popup whenever it is provided.

popup reminder view Everything you need to know about Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon is here

Advantages of the Prestashop Abandoned cart email follow-up addon for your online store

advantages of abandoned cart addon

  • Following abandoned carts

The plugin understands and indicates the lost carts on your store and displays all of them in the back end. 

  • Encourage clients to finish orders

By using the module, you can give your customers a discount on your goods, which will without a doubt encourage them to finish their orders and increase your online store’s conversion rate.

Everything you need to know about Prestashop Abandoned Cart Addon is here


  • Recover Left-Behind Carts

You may easily persuade your customers to complete their orders and bring back your store’s abandoned carts by sending them reminder messages about their incomplete orders.

  • Increases the conversion rate

You increase your conversion rate while also raising the overall revenues of your company when you make up the lost sales brought on by abandoned shopping carts.

  • Helps to retain customers

The module is a wonderful resource for keeping consumers once you’ve recovered them through follow-up messaging. 

  • With no manual labor

The entire process of creating and sending follow-up messages is quite simple, which reduces the manual work required by the business owner.

Let us wind up!

So, here we are! Thus, if your business suffers a high cart abandonment cart, the Prestashop abandoned cart addon by Knowband is your answer. Further, it helps you reduce cart and increase sales as well as customer satisfaction. Also, if you want to more about how to make the most of the module, you can check out this blog. What do you think of the module? Do let us know in the comments below. In case you want to get in touch with any questions or queries, let us know at support@knowband.com.

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