The attributes to keep a check on of Prestashop Gift Card Manager

Prestashop gift card manager by knowband

Do you know about gift cards? Do you sell them or intend to sell them on your eCommerce store? If you have a Prestashop store, the Prestashop gift card manager by Knowband is a helpful option. Using the Prestashop send gift card addon, you can simply start selling gift cards in your store. In fact, you can do much more with the plugin.

eCommerce marketers can raise their sales and revenues using the Prestashop gift module. Moreover, the addon helps you bring in new customers to your store. Therefore, having the Prestashop gift voucher module is a great option for you.

In this blog, let us focus on the highlights that you should keep a check on. Moreover, these highlights are very helpful for your eCommerce business. Let us go forth and check them out below.

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Elements of the Prestashop gift card module

Establishment is simple

Introducing and configuring the Prestashop gift card module is a cakewalk. The shop owner requires no particular abilities to finish the establishment. In fact, the activity is promptly finished by following the methods framed in the User Manual. You can simply go and check out the manual on the Knowband store.

Decide the base and highest sums

A base sum and the highest sum for a gift card are configurable by the store executive. Further, clients can essentially utilize the Prestashop gift card Addon to buy a gift card inside that breaking point.

Gift cards can be made in any amount

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager permits the store administrator to produce a limitless number of gift cards. With the Prestashop gift card, the store administrator can deliver as many gift cards as he prefers for various events. For instance, birthdays, commemorations, or occasions like Christmas, Halloween, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

Setting the conveyance gap days

The Prestashop gift card manager system permits you to characterize the number of days between Gift Card conveyances.

Prestashop gift card manager has a PDF functionality

The new structure accompanies a straightforward. However, a useful pdf that makes for the gift card.

Pdf function in prestashop gift card module

Gift vouchers have an unmistakable prefix code

With the assistance of the Prestashop gift card manager, the store administrator will want to add a selective prefix code to the gift testament.

The Gift Card Module for Prestashop permits you to change the order status

The administrator can modify the order status for Gift Card orders utilizing the Prestashop send gift card addon. Further, just once the request status has been refreshed to the portrayed state will the Gift Card be given to the chosen recipient.

The purchasing of gift cards is promptly identifiable

From the backend, the admin can essentially follow gift card buys. The person in question approaches order subtleties, and more. For instance, request status, conveyance date, and other order subtleties. Utilizing the Prestashop gift module as opposed to distributing the request information is a choice.

Customers should give a few subtleties to gift the gift card

At the point when a customer buys a gift card for a beneficiary, the person should supply the sum of the gift card, the sender’s and beneficiary’s names, as well as the last option’s email address. Further, for the gift card to be conveyed to the planned beneficiary.

Add significant keywords

By adding pertinent keywords to the Prestashop gift card manager, they are mappable to any arrangement. For example, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.

Expansion of pictures in the gift cards

Now, with the Prestashop gift module by Knowband is that you can permit clients to add pictures to gift cards. This way you can make the gift cards more customized/personalized for the buyers.

front end of prestashop gift card module by knowband

Fractional utilization of gift cards

The Prestashop Gift Card Manager permits the halfway utilization of gift vouchers. Further, the store manager can foster another gift card thing with a number and termination date.

Email notices

Clients who pick the ‘Print By Yourself’ choice can rapidly help refresh through email from the retailer.

Sales expand

Administrators can utilize the Prestashop module to increment transformation rates on their Prestashop business.

Similarity with numerous dialects

The Prestashop gift voucher module upholds numerous dialects, permitting purchasers to find gift cards. Further, the ones that have a place with them in their local language. For interchanges and email designs, there is a choice to change the language relying upon the area.

Implant a Gift Card symbol in different areas

At the point when you use the Prestashop module, you can put the gift card button any place you need on the site. Further, the one that you figure purchasers would see the most. It can likewise show up in the header, footer, or left sidebar.

The new and refreshed UI is Dynamic

The UI is basic for a shop’s prosperity or disappointment since how the client connects with the elements decides if the store succeeds or falls flat. The Prestashop plugin is versatile and has an easy-to-understand interface that empowers clients to investigate, select, and buy computerized gift cards from your store.

presonalization of gift card


The Prestashop Gift card manager has a component that permits the entrepreneur to transfer a tweaked picture to the front end from the backend. This empowers purchasers to construct a customized gift card with an image. Moreover, they need the gift card when it is requested. In addition, ship off to the recipient.

Adaptable email formats

The Prestashop Gift Card module has configurable email formats to lessen the cerebral pain and weight of the entrepreneur/administrator. At the point when a request is made or the request status changes, the overseer essentially chooses a plan from the accessible choices and sends it to the client.

The capacity to utilize cron

Clients can pick when their genuine (to address) and computerized gift cards will show up (using mail).

Add a snappy title and a message that is one of a kind to you

The head can now add a title and portrayal to the Gift Card format. Further, with this new form of the Prestashop send gift card addon. The client will want to see the title and portrayal, as well as the picture.

In the End

Therefore, this is what the Prestashop gift card manager is all about. What do you think of the addon? It is an extremely beneficial and feature-rich option for your eCommerce store. Do let us your thoughts and doubts about the module at

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