Prestashop Marketplace Addon - A must-have tool for marketplace creation

Prestashop Marketplace Addon – A must-have tool for marketplace creation

Searching for an amazing asset to transform your eCommerce store into a practical marketplace? Knowband’s Prestashop Marketplace Addon is what you want. Moreover, The Prestashop Marketplace Module permits storekeepers to grow their store’s scope. Moreover, proposition a more extensive scope of products and administrations to their customers. Besides, the Prestashop marketplace module helps you change the whole eCommerce site into a marketplace.

The Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module also helps with stock management, request management, goods management, and more. Surprisingly, so do the methods of delivery used in the marketplace. Furthermore, these capabilities are accessible through the module’s backend. The Prestashop Marketplace plugin even allows sellers to charge a commission by the proprietor on the things they sell. Moreover, in return for the commission they pay, sellers will have the valuable chance to promote their brand to the marketplace audience.

Other than the above unbelievable elements, Knowband Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin gives extraordinary highlights to the customers, and we loved that component of the module without a doubt.

In this blog, we will take a look at a few things. Starting with the insightful observations about the plugin. Moreover, how beneficial is the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module for the customers. Lastly, what you should not do to make the most of the addon. Let us go forth and check them out below.

Prestashop multivendor marketplace

Thoughtful observations of the Prestashop Marketplace Addon

  • The effortlessness with which the module might be introduced and arranged

The primary thing admin like about the Prestashop Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin is that it is so easy to introduce. Moreover, it is easy to set the module. Although the system of configuration is tedious, a definitive item is significant. Accordingly, this is just the start of the advantages of utilizing the Prestashop Marketplace module.

  • As the owner of the platform, you have total power over everything

The administrator fosters the platform utilizing the module. Additionally, lays out all stage guidelines. Besides, supports/avoids vendors from selling on the stage. That isn’t true! Moreover, the administrator holds control of all the other things. For instance:

What products are accessible on the stage?

Who is as yet selling and who is done selling?

What classes are the things referenced ready?

  • Which conveyance techniques are accessible to customers?; and so much more.

Subsequently, the administrator has unlimited authority over all that occurs on the stage – thanks to the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module.


  • Income is continuous

As the chairman, you might pick whether to have 10 vendors, 30 sellers, or 50 sellers on the site. They will likewise be the ones selling on your foundation through the Knowband Marketplace. You may either keep selling your things or just make a due/deal with the Prestashop marketplace’s tasks. The best thing is that you might keep acquiring and making payments for your eCommerce business regardless. Profit keeps on developing because of the Prestashop marketplace module’s income models. You may likewise bring in cash through item posting charges, membership projects, and request commissions.

  • The correspondence is clear and inconspicuous

While we’re discussing three unmistakable gatherings – administrator, seller, and shopper – it’s basic to keep up with the lines of correspondence open. Thus, the underlying email layouts are helpful for a wide range of correspondence on the stage. There’s an email for everything, whether it’s cautioning the client on the request status change or illuminating the administrator about any new vendor enlistments.

How useful is Prestashop Marketplace to customers? 


  • Straightforward towards customers

At the point when your foundation approaches are straightforward to customers, they begin confiding in your foundation more. Besides, buyers can inspect vendor data on a committed seller page for every seller. The email title, as well as the body content, is modifiable from the module’s backend. Further, customers might rate and assess traders recorded on the Marketplace site’s most memorable page.

  • Allows for the evaluation of vendors

Buyers can audit vendors using the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module. Clients can also provide evaluations for the items they’ve purchased, as well as for the vendors. Consumers can also offer product and vendor reviews through the module.

  • Multiple Vendors availability

Customers have the novel chance to investigate products from all of the dynamic Prestashop multi-sellers on the site, found around the world. Besides, customers can look over many products and purchase their top picks along these lines.

  • Smooth exchange

With the help of Prestashop Marketplace Addon, purchasers can undoubtedly and quickly track a lot of things. For instance, the products and orders from the seller on the Prestashop Marketplace. The greatest benefit of the module is, that the exchange interaction is incredibly free from even a hint of harm. Further, it allows clients to buy things with next to no concerns.

  • Simple Return/Refund presented by Prestashop Marketplace Module

The Prestashop marketplace addon makes it simple to look for a return, discount, or exchange. Moreover, customers don’t have to go through any extra advances. Moreover, can continue to no one’s surprise. Besides, clients can essentially return things and get a discount. Further, since they are not committed to supplanting them and can undoubtedly get a discount. Customers might be discounted in their desired way.

  • Register as Vendor

In the marketplace, any purchaser has the choice of turning into a vendor. Customers who need to sell their products on the platform can now enlist as sellers. In addition, they can rapidly finish up the structure on the Prestashop marketplace’s front end.

What not to do with the Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace module?

  • Not doing all the examinations before setting up a Prestashop marketplace plugin

The absolute first slip-up that you shouldn’t make with the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Module is getting it. Indeed, purchasing isn’t a mix-up. However, getting it without doing all the examinations. In fact, you can look at every one of the potential choices accessible to you. Look at the User Manual, Admin Demo, and the Front Demo on the item page of Knowband. Subsequently, you’ll get a superior comprehension of the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace plugin by Knowband.

  • Not understanding what all the administrator needs to do in the marketplace

The entire arrangement of the Prestashop Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin is finished by the administrator. Besides, the administrator puts down the principles, deals with the seller enrollments, handles commissions and payout demands, and significantly more. As a matter of fact, on the off chance that he doesn’t do all that, the stage won’t work. Consequently, the administrator needs to see all work he has to do with the Prestashop Multi seller Marketplace module.

  • Accept that making the Prestashop Marketplace Module is adequate

Many market proprietors expect that just launching is sufficient to get an enormous number of purchasers. However, this is false. It likewise needs a steady pattern of reasonable promotion. For instance, educating others about the benefits of your marketplace, alongside the resources, where you can send the Media Release of your marketplace conveyance (free and paid, you should be ready to pay for your promotion), composing different articles on the significance of your online market, using all possible social media to invite people to utilize it, etc.

In the End

So, the Prestashop marketplace addon is a highly functional and beneficial option for your business. In fact, it helps you enhance the sales and revenues of your business. Therefore, it is a powerful tool that you must invest in. In case you have any queries about the plugin, let us know at

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