Revolutionize Your Prestashop Store: 5 Free Modules for Success!

Boost Your Prestashop Store with 5 Free Knowband Modules

In the competitive world of e-commerce, standing out from the competition requires innovation, efficiency, and the right tools. For Prestashop store owners, having access to powerful modules can make a significant difference. At Knowband, we understand this need and are offering five incredible free Prestashop modules to help you optimize and enhance your store.

Furthermore, these modules not only simplify your operations but also improve customer experience and boost sales. Let’s explore these game-changing tools.

The Importance of Free Modules:

Free modules are not just budget-friendly options; they provide immense value by allowing you to test new functionalities and improve your store’s features without any financial risk. Moreover, the free Prestashop Addons can be particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses that are navigating their way through the competitive e-commerce landscape. On top of that, the free modules help you stay innovative and agile, enabling you to deliver a superior shopping experience to your customers. Furthermore, if you are a Prestashop retailer, you can also check the free modules to get in hand experience with the module features in workflow.

Elevating Your Prestashop Store:

Integrating the right modules can transform your store’s functionality and customer experience. Therefore, these modules streamline operations, enhance user engagement, and ultimately contribute to increased sales. Let’s delve into the five free Prestashop modules from Knowband that can elevate your store.

Free Prestashop Gift Card Manager:

Free Prestashop Gift Card Manager Addon by Knowband

The gift card market is booming, and having a robust gift card system can be a game-changer for your store. The Free Prestashop Gift Card Manager addon for Prestashop enables you to offer customizable gift cards, making it easy for your customers to buy and send gift cards for any occasion. Furthermore, this module not only drives additional revenue but also attracts new customers who might be introduced to your store through gift cards.

Imagine your customers purchasing gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. At the same time, each gift card sold is a potential new customer who may become a loyal shopper. This simple addition can significantly enhance your store’s appeal and customer base.

Free Prestashop Abandoned Cart Serial Reminders:

Knowband's Free Prestashop Abandoned Cart Serial Reminders module

Cart abandonment is a common issue in e-commerce, leading to lost sales. On the other hand, the Free Prestashop Abandoned Cart Serial Reminders module by Knowband addresses this problem by sending automated reminders to customers who have left items in their carts. This gentle nudge can significantly increase the chances of recovering lost sales.

Thus, by re-engaging potential buyers, you can turn abandoned carts into completed sales, boosting your overall revenue without any additional marketing effort.

Free Prestashop Return Manager:

Knowband’s free Prestashop Return Manager Addon

A smooth return process is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Following the same, the Free Prestashop Return Manager simplifies the returns process for both you and your customers. It streamlines return requests and provides automated status updates, making the entire experience hassle-free.

Efficiently handling returns builds trust and confidence in your brand. Moreover, customers are more likely to make a purchase if they know they can easily return a product if needed. Furthermore, Knowband’s free Prestashop Return Manager Addon helps you manage returns professionally, enhancing your store’s reputation and customer loyalty.

Free One Page SuperCheckout:

Prestashop Free One Page SuperCheckout module by Knowband

Knowband’s Prestashop Free One Page SuperCheckout module consolidates the entire checkout process into a single page. This factor makes the checkout process quick and easy for customers to complete their purchases.

Furthermore, by reducing the steps required to complete a purchase, you minimize the risk of customers abandoning their carts. This module ensures a seamless, user-friendly checkout experience, encouraging more conversions and higher sales.

Free Android and iOS Mobile App Builder:

Knowband's Free Android and iOS Mobile App Builder for Prestashop

The Free Android and iOS Mobile App Builder allows you to create a mobile app for your Prestashop store without any coding knowledge. This opens up a new avenue for reaching and engaging with your customers.

With a mobile app, your store is accessible anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the customers can browse and shop on the go, receiving personalized notifications and updates. This module helps you stay connected with your audience, providing a convenient and engaging shopping experience that can lead to increased loyalty and sales.

Knowband - Free Prestashop Modules

Knowband’s Free Prestashop Modules

Knowband offers free PrestaShop modules to enhance your store’s functionality and customer engagement. These tools streamline various aspects of store management, from improving checkout processes to boosting user interaction.



Incorporating these five free Prestashop modules from Knowband can revolutionize your Prestashop store. They offer an array of features designed to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, and boost sales. By leveraging these tools, you can stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce landscape without incurring additional costs. Start using these free modules today and pave the way for your store’s success.

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