What You Can Do to Customize Your OpenCart Store Securely Without Breaking It?


Opencart is among the most straightforward and useful platforms for creating an eCommerce website. Opencart is a good option if you’re searching for a platform that doesn’t demand much technical knowledge or coding. You can choose from a variety of shop themes with OpenCart. The platform is also open to custom developments, which is helpful for online merchants. The vendors can benefit from a huge selection of Opencart Extensions in addition to unique developments. The Opencart Extensions provide the simplest and most convenient approach for customization. Sometimes store owners need to customize their stores according to their business. This post will inform online merchants about how to customize their OpenCart Store without making it unstable.

Reasons for Instability in the Opencart Store


The factors that affect the stability of the Opencart Store are generally either third-party OpenCart extensions or the changes that the developers complete. Once these customizations and changes are complete, it is not always possible to revert them. We contact OpenCart support in such cases, but they can’t help in all cases.

As per the OpenCart reviews, there is no process for restoring the overwritten files to undo the database files. There is no complete uninstall process for this.

The OpenCart Store Customization is Possible in the Following Ways:

By using OCMOD Extensions of OpenCart

With the help of the OCMOD system, store owners can customize their Opencart store by uploading a compressed file containing XML, SQL, and PHP files. When we create an OCMOD properly, it can alter the user’s Opencart store functionality without affecting any core files. This implies that if we disable a change, no original Opencart files need updating or restoration.

Installing the modifications requires uploading OCMOD files through the OpenCart admin’s Extensions/Installer section. After deleting the desired customization from the list, the modifications list will refresh.


A file must end in in.ocmod.zip for an OCMOD file for uploading. This is to prevent users from uploading files that are not OCMOD to a store’s admin.

OpenCart Extensions

With the help of Opencart extensions, we can add certain required features to the Opencart store. The Opencart pricing for the module is sometimes lower than the customization. Whenever there are issues related to the customizations, we need to contact Opencart support. The issues due to the customizations have a high frequency compared to the issues occurring due to the Opencart extensions.

The approach of extending the functionality of the main application using the available APIs is usually regarded as the best practice. For content management systems in general, this is the best method, and OpenCart is no exception. The core application’s functionality adding, removing, or modifying is possible using modules in a fashion that is well-organized and easy to maintain.

If there are issues due to the extensions, then we can disable the Opencart extension, and also, we can remove it from the Backoffice.

OpenCart Themes

To change the visuals of the OpenCart store, simply create a new theme. The default theme modification is also an option.  Opencart supports third-party themes. We can add new themes by uploading the theme files to a specific address and by following the theme structure. After adding the files, the added theme becomes customizable from the admin panel. A theme is not necessary for all OpenCart business owners to improve the appearance of their shops. A much simpler method is now available for users who are familiar with coding and want to personalize their appearance.

For all of your template files in OpenCart 3.0, you have direct access to the source through the new Theme Editor. The Design area of your admin panel now directly allows you to modify your default theme.

The admin can enable or disable the themes in case any issues occur on the Opencart store. This is a good way to customize the website without using an OpenCart extension.

Event-Based Functions of OpenCart

For customizing the OpenCart Store, there is a new system that is gaining lots of customers with event-based functions. According to Opencart reviews, the codes written using this feature are cleaner. There is no need to reload adjustments while making modest changes throughout the debugging process; you can disable events and determine which of them causes a problem. Without it, any change you make when debugging OCMOD requires you to refresh modifications.

Having interoperability across OpenCart extensions is simple with the use of events. We can design both activities to complement one another.

To Wrap Up

By using the above methods to customize your OpenCart Store, you can save your website from breaking. In the event of an error, we can disable Opencart extensions, events, themes, and OCMOD. We can stop the instability of our Opencart store by using the abovementioned methods. The Opencart review section is also helpful as sometimes the tips for the solution are present there also.

If you have any issues related to your OpenCart Store, then kindly let us know at support@knowband.com. We also assist in providing custom changes for your business needs related to your Opencart extension or website. Please kindly contact us if you have any concerns regarding our extensions or any other services.

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