KnowBand’s OpenCart Mobile App Success story- Client’s Feedback says it all!


A happy customer is said to be the best advocate for your brand.

By providing great customer service, you acquire a loyal customer. This blog is inspired by one of our happy clients. We have created an OpenCart Mobile app for luckstaribiza, a Spanish online clothing store. They are super happy with their Mobile Apps.

It has been developed using the KnowBand’s Opencart Mobile App Builder plugin which has hundreds of customization features. From App’s theme to its transaction page, every facility is very well optimized. It delivers a satisfactory shopping experience to the customers.

Luckstaribiza Store

The Luckstaribiza store sells an Ibiza collection in US that you can carry and flaunt in every season.


Luckstaribiza Store App Links:

Android App

iOS App

The Opencart Mobile App created by KnowBand’s extension is available for iOS and Android users. It is entirely in real-time synch with the website. In addition, it does not require any extra effort in managing the inventory on the mobile app.


 Let’s have a look at its alluring features:

The landing page of OpenCart app is attractive

As soon as a customer installs and opens the app, it will take them to the home page. The attractive pink-themed app grabs customer attention and keeps them engaged.

Choosing the right color palette for the app is important and this clothing store is nailing it.


With a click on the banner, the customer will be redirected to the product page!

Systematic Product Category Navigation

You will find a wide range of dresses, kimonos, shirts, pants, fabrics, and various clothing choices only for women.

A customer can visit the category section in two ways: The left menu and the category button at the bottom menu bar.


Finding a product is super easy

To search for a product on the application, you can click on the search button at the top menu bar or bottom.

It supports the voice-over search option hence, anyone can find the desired product easily.


Customized Product Page

When you visit a category, you can scroll and see all the products falling under that category. It also allows you to sort the product list according to price.


Likewise, when you click on a product, it will show multiple product images, product availability, and product description.

It also shows related products. Best way to cross-sell!

Add products to wish list

If you have already login to your profile, you can add your favorites into the wishlist category or directly to the cart.

How to purchase the desired product on Opencart mobile app?

Once you added a product to your cart, you can directly make the purchase.

Sign up first if you haven’t done it yet otherwise, you can directly log in to your profile by providing an email address and password.

In addition, customers can apply the coupon code and voucher as the OpenCart Mobile App supports all the vouchers and coupons that are applicable and functional on the website.

Finally, you can add your shipping address and complete the payment process.

Your purchase is completed and Luck starts Ibiza will deliver your product from the chosen shipping method.

Complete Package for customer satisfaction:

1.     The app provides customer support with live chat

If customers need any help from the store manager, they can connect directly with the customer support team by WhatsApp messenger. Live chat is one of the best customer support channels for online commerce.

2.     Product reviews available

To earn customer loyalty, businesses use customer feedback and ratings. To calculate a brand’s success, always count the number of happy clients.

Customers can add product reviews and that will be displayed on the product page itself.

Furthermore, the app supports all the payment and shipping methods applicable in the US.

More features that the OpenCart Mobile App Builder provides to store admin:


  • Merchant can run sales, campaigns, etc on the mobile app.
  • Various CMS pages are linked to the mobile app (About us, contact us, etc.)
  • Your brand identity will be intact in the app as it has a white label solution
  • Merchant can send unlimited push notifications to the customers
  • The app allows social login, fingerprint login, and OTP login as well.

KnowBand Support:

Knowband believes in what Laura Ashley said: “We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.”

contact-us-knowband-ecommerce website development

We have thousands of happy clients all over the globe. Here are some mobile app portfolios for your reference. You can reach out to our expert team for mobile app development and custom eCommerce website development. You can also visit the Knowband store for ready-made plugins.

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