RTL (Right to Left) Language Support for Mobile Apps – The need of the hour?

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The inclusion of mobile apps in order to promote the eCommerce store has proved its worth. Most of the web store owners have already started to use mobile apps in order to promote the store. The mobile apps provide a better and clear insight of the services delivered by the web store. The apps are easy to access and at the same time they make the concept of online shopping easier for both the seller and the customers. The popularity of smartphone usage and urge of the online shoppers to get everything then and there has added to the need of the merchants to upgrade their businesses on the mobile platform.

At the same time in the current era of globalization, an eCommerce store would like to go global in order to collect better revenues. In order to do that, various new options and features must be incorporated to the mobile app, to ensure the success. The web stores must be ready to tackle all sorts of situations that they are likely to face in different regions. One of the biggest challenges faced by the online companies while catering their customers globally is the Language Barrier. English cannot be used as a mode of interaction in the various regions.

How RTL languages can help you in targeting Middle-Eastern Countries?

The Middle Eastern retail market is growing rapidly in the past few years along with mobile commerce. As to believe a report by Statista, revenue in the eCommerce market amounts to US$20,744m in 2019. This makes it a compulsion to grab this opportunity.

In order to target the audience from these countries, you need to curb out the language barrier. Your Mobile App could easily do the task for you. All you need to do is to just go for such eCommerce mobile app solution for your online store which fully supports these Right to Left languages.

Thus, being multi-lingual is one of the biggest necessity of m-commerce. The eCommerce mobile apps must support the multi-lingual feature. One of an inevitable language issues faced by companies operating globally is RTL support. There are countries that use language like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu and other that runs in RTL format. So, it becomes necessary for the web stores to provide this particular feature in the mobile applications.

Let us throw a brief light specifically on the concept of RTL support. What exactly is it and its advantages to the online companies.

What is RTL?

Multi-lingual Support | RTL Support | Knowband

RTL stands for Right to Left. It is one of the format of writing where the words start from right and ends towards left. Since the users of these languages make a huge customer base, the mobile commerce ecosystem cannot flourish without taking them into consideration. With the help of RTL support feature in mobile app, you may easily run the app in following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Urdu
  • Hebrew
  • Dhivehi/Maldivian
  • Kurdish (Sorani)
  • Persian/Farsi
  • Aramaic
  • Azeri and many others

How can the RTL support help?

It won’t be wrong to state that keeping your business at an arm distance from the target audience is the need of the hour. In order to stay ahead of competition, you need to ease out the shopping experience of the customers. Listed below are some of the ways in which this functionality helps the online merchants.

Customer Interaction

Better Customer Interaction

The immediate advantages of using RTL system to a web store may include better interaction of the customers from a particular region. The righteous quote, “Language removes all barriers” apply here too. The customers from these regions are able to read the contents of the web store in a much better and focused way. It helps them clear their thoughts about particular product provided by the app and helping the seller in making more sales.

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Skyrocket your conversions

Most of the countries do not follow the general trend of English. For instance, Saudi Arabia is a hub for growing all the business and new ideas. Any web store wouldn’t want to keep themselves out of these region. The fact is that almost 90% of Saudi Arabian interact using Arabic. Thus, the concept of including RTL and LTR multi-lingual support features in your mobile app is a must if you wish your web store to grow and prosper regardless of the culture and language barrier.

Better Interaction | Potential Buyers

Build an app for your oversees clients

English is definitely a universal language, but in today’s cut-throat competition, just sticking to one language is not enough. With the increasing market penetration of internet, even the countries that are not well-versed with this language can offer you a huge chunk of the customer base. Countries that use right-to-left writing style can be your prospective market. Having RTL support can help you build an intuitive eCommerce mobile app for the international client. Moreover, by offering the products in their native language, you can create a strong customer relationships as well.

Boost the app’s authority

Every user will evaluate your eCommerce mobile app on the basis of features that you offer. When almost every app is offering the same features and similar kind of products to some extent, finding the contents in their native language will definitely delight them. Depending on how well you’ve structured your content, the RTL support can definitely give your eCommerce mobile app a competitive edge.

Optimized UI

Just like any other language, RTL language does have their own user base. The people using these languages is vast and ignoring them will definitely cost you some easy conversions. Hence, the eCommerce store owners need to include this as one of the features in their mobile apps. It helps the customers to make a better purchase and at the same time the seller could reach out to potential buyers with minimal efforts.


Over to You

eCommerce mobile apps are the latest trends which are here to stay. Therefore, online merchants must try to make the web store more interactive and supportive by providing various features and innovative idea in mobile apps. Not only it provides convenience to the customers in making a purchase but also ensures the seller that the customers are able to connect them in a much better and organized manner to the web store.
Knowband offers a surefire way to take incorporate this functionality in your business. Our eCommerce Mobile App Builder offers an effortless way to tap the larger audience globally with the multi-lingual and RTL support. All the eCommerce store owners on PrestaShop, Magento, Magento 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify platform can easily go mobile and target the worldwide mobile shoppers irrespective of all sorts of language differences.

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