Amazing Features of KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

Amazing Features of KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

Want to create apps for your PrestaShop website? We got a complete no-code App Builder for you!

There were times when PrestaShop Mobile Apps were only for big brands or flourished ones. E-commerce newbies & startups used to rely on their website only. But, time has changed now. Every PrestaShop website owner is looking forward to own mobile apps irrespective of their size. The Mobile Apps are playing a vital role in strengthening the brand & building a loyal customer base with minimal efforts. Every store owner is looking to grab this opportunity & grow their business on another level.

KnowBand, in this concern, has brought an automated solution with PrestaShop Mobile App Builder. It is a readymade framework designed to build native Android & iOS apps for your PrestaShop website without coding. The PrestaShop Mobile Apps are connected with your website in real-time. Moreover, the module provides complete backend panel control into your hands & thus you can manage the app functionalities with ease. Now let’s take a glance at some of the outstanding & sale-boosting features of PrestaShop Mobile App Builder:

1. Easy Installation:


Our PrestaShop Mobile App Builder is very easy to install & configure. All you need to do is to upload the zip file on your website & configure the backend panel from there.

2. Completely Native Mobile Apps


The performance of your PrestaShop Mobile App among worldwide mobile shoppers matters a lot as it would be a deciding factor for them to purchase or not. We all want shopping apps to be smooth & fast. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder offers 100% native Android & iOS app which ensures hassle-free performance on all sorts of user’s devices.

Furthermore, the apps are built with the most advanced mobile app development technology Flutter, which ensures advanced compatibility and smooth user experience for the customers.

3. Customizable Home Screen Layout


The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers a dynamic home screen whose layout can be customized & configured from backend. The store admin can create & save multiple themes & festive based layouts in the backend. The positioning of various elements can be altered with just drag & drop feature.

4. Alluring Color & Font Options


Match your app colors & font styles with the website from backend panel of PrestaShop Mobile App Maker. Our Module allows you to choose theme color, background color, button color & button text color for your app.

5. Compatible with All Handheld Devices


Our PrestaShop Mobile App Creator provides error-prone & fully tested apps which run perfectly on all sorts of Android & iOS smartphone as well as tablets.

6. 100% Website & App Synchronization


Your PrestaShop Mobile Apps will be fully connected with your website & thus any change you make on the store will be reflected on the Mobile App in real-time.

7. Multi-lingual & RTL Support


The Mobile App Builder offers both multi-lingual & RTL writing support in the Android & iOS apps. The e-merchants can easily enhance the scope of their business worldwide.

8. Instant Login Options


The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers easy & quick options for user sign-in & registration. The mobile shoppers can login using Google, Facebook, Phone Number & Fingerprint verification. Moreover, the iOS App users can log in using Face ID which makes the login process hassle-free and simpler than ever.

9. Simplified Checkout


Few relevant details on a single screen of PrestaShop Mobile App Maker make the order submission easier for the users.

10. Shipping Methods Support


The PrestaShop Mobile App Supports all sorts of website shipping methods. This makes the trade between seller & buyer completely effortless.

11. All Product Type Support


The mobile apps for PrestaShop eCommerce website support all types of products on the Mobile Apps like single, bundled, grouped, configurable & virtual (downloadable) products.

12. Unlimited Push Notifications


Sending push notifications to your app users about deals/offers/discounts would definitely grab their immediate attention & close more sales for your store. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers the option to send push notifications on the apps from module backend. The store admin can send following sorts of notifications on the Apps:

Automated Order Creation Notification
Automated Order Status Update Notification
Automated Abandoned Cart Notification
Custom personalized Notification

Moreover, the users can check all the previous notifications in the newly added notification tab in the app. This will make sure your customers are up-to-date concerning all the offers and informational notifications.

13. 24*7 Chat Options

24*7 Chat Options

Keep your users close to you with the WhatsApp chat option in your PrestaShop Mobile Apps. The users can directly contact you regarding any query/concern & get assistance 24*7.

14. Mobile Coupons & Vouchers Support


The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker offers support to all sorts of website coupons & vouchers on mobile apps as well. The amazing deals & discounted price would definitely keep the app users engaged & even compel them to re-visit app for more purchases.

15. Website Payment Experience on Mobile App


Offer the website payment experience on your PrestaShop Mobile App as well. The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker supports all sorts of website payment options on the mobile app.

16. New Payment Method Integration


The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App Creator comes with the flexibility to add new payment methods in the apps. All sorts of native payments can be integrated over a fair amount of fee.

17. Real-time Order Tracking


The Mobile Apps with PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers effective real-time order tracking options. The updated status of previous order delivery gets updated in real time.

18. White Label Apps


The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder for Android & iOS allows the store owners to display the website logo on the header of the apps. This will make your app branded & popularize the same among worldwide mobile shoppers.

19. Social Sharing


The products from the app can be shared on multiple social networks by the users. It will grow the social reach of your store & lure potential leads.

20. Gamified E-Mail Subscription Pop-Up


Offer a gamified e-mail subscription pop-up on the mobile apps with an interactive spin-wheel interface. You need to install KnowBand’s PrestaShop Spin & Win module on your website.

21. Layered Navigation


The PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App Maker makes the product search easier with multiple filters & sort options. The users wouldn’t face any issue while searching the right product.


22. Login-Sign up Pop-up:

The mobile apps encourage the customer to complete the login process in the app. The users can login via the login/sign-up pop-up available on the home screen of the app.
Furthermore, this not only ensure easy login process for the customers but also helps the E-merchants to get the customers’ emails for marketing purposes.

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