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Are you looking for a mobile app model for your pharmacy store? There are various phases, starting from an app design to its development, and creating a robust app becomes more hectic when you are not tech-savvy. Online shopping is making our life easier. With the advancement of technology, now we can also order medicines online and receive them at our doorstep.

KnowBand is presenting you a real-life example of a Dental Shopping App that can be an inspiration for making a successful pharmacy clinical app. This Dental medicine ordering app is live in India and has 5000+ installs.

Let’s explore the Dentbear. com– Dental Shopping Android Mobile App build with KnowBand’s Magento 2 Mobile App builder.

Order Medicines in India with Dental Shopping Android Mobile App is an Indian website for dental care products and medicines which is developed on Magento 2 platform. To make the Dentbear Mobile App for Android, they have used Magento 2 Mobile App Builder module, a tailored solution developed by KnowBand.


How does this Medicine Delivery App work?

Firstly, customers have to install the app from the Google Play store.

How to find the right product on Magento 2 Mobile App?

  • Once the customer opens the app, they will be landed on the home page. The Magento 2 app will be in real-time synchronization with the website.
  • The online dental store will show banners with current offers, new arrivals, best sellers, etc.
  • To place an order, search for the product you want to buy. For better search results, the app has voice search functionality.
  • Customers can sort and filter the products accordingly. The product page also displays the features and specifications of the product. Read product page best practices for mobile apps.
  • Now, customers can add the desired product to the cart or to the wishlist to make the purchase later.

How to complete the order on Dental Medicine Ordering App?

The App allows guest checkout or you can register at the dentbear store.

  • Signup or Continue as guest
  • If you are an existing customer then log in to place your medicine order

For login, customers get choices like login with email address and password, they can use social media accounts or log in with a fingerprint sensor.

Now add the shipping address and complete the payment process. Magento 2 mobile app builder supports all the payment and shipping methods.

What to do if you need customer support?

This application has a live chat support facility with which you can talk to the customer service team. It is a default feature of Magento 2 Mobile App builder. It allows the app merchant to connect with the customer via WhatsApp and Zopim live chat support.

DentBear delivers dental products all over the world.

Finally, getting a mobile app adds a lot of ease to your business. The mobile app builder, a delivery boy app, and an appointment booking system modules make your life easier than ever. On top of that, they simplify your local delivery services, management and deliver a satisfactory customer experience. With the help of these modules, you can start your online pharmacy delivery services right away.

Good luck with your new venture!

E-commerce development Support by KnowBand

Several modules can help you optimize your eCommerce store. If there is a functionality you want on your eCommerce website, any KnowBand extension will likely allow you to do so or if you don’t find any such plugin, you can always contact us at for your custom plugin creation needs.

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