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According to a data from BuiltWith, there are currently 250,642 live Magento sites worldwide and this count is still increasing day by day. So many eCommerce stores on Magento means so many problems for each of them to deal with. Naturally, website owners can face problems while using any eCommerce platform.

Fortunately, Magento does not leave it’s users in disguise and has various resources to provide the help. It gives me a great pleasure to compile a list of all the useful resources that you can leverage to keep running with the Magento eCommerce platform.

Where can you find the support about Magento issues?

In order to get a help/assistance/support for solving the different issues that you may face while running your business on this great platform, you can primarily latch on four categories of resources:

  • Magento Related Forums
  • Magento Related Blogs
  • Magento Related Social Groups
  • Certified Magento developers

Magento has one of the biggest communities

Magento is used by the website owners from different countries in the world. It has reached to almost every party you can imagine . Especially it is so popular in the countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, India, and Netherlands etc.

When this platform has users from every corner of the globe, it is more likely to possible that links given in this article would belong to different languages and region. It’s perfectly fine, as you have translators that can help in understanding and communicate with them.

How would this list help the developers?

Resources compiled in this list will not only help the website owners to get the support for their Magento stores but would also help the developers to generate leads to make new customers. You might find customers for your Magento Extensions, themes, and custom Magento development.

Here is the list of top Magento forums that you can visit to find a support. URLs for all the mentioned forums will be given in the list. You can copy and paste these URLs into your browser and visit them.

1. Official Magento Forum

The official Magento forum has currently 245797 members and more than 63,000 live posts. Before going anywhere, it is the best place to find the support and solution to your Magento related issues. Here you can post your issues, browse the threads of already created issues, Stay updated with latest Magento news, and much more.

Just don’t forget to stay abide the forum rules and regulations while posting anything over there.

Link to Forum:

2. Expert Magento Forum

Expert Magento Forum is the most popular resources after the official forum to get support for Magento related issues. Not just issues, you can find the news updates, Magento job updates, and freelance projects, etc.

Currently, there are 10,790 members with 7,529 threads and 25,406 active posts.

Link to Forum:

3. Magento Stack Exchange Forum

Magento Stack Exchange is a special version of the popular forum “Stack Exchange” forum. It is a question and answer platform where users can get the information from very basics to advanced level topics and issues.

The best place to find a support for any of your Magento related issues, even if you are a beginner. From Magento configuration to coding related issues, you can expect this platform to give you an answer to everything about Magento.

Link to Forum:

4. Magesolution Forum

Magentosolution community is incredibly active and the best place for Magento beginners as well as advanced programmers to get the support. Generally, the people behind this forum are the ones who reply to your queries. The moderators take pretty active part in the discussions too.

The forum claims to reply to your queries in less than 24 hours on the weekdays and less than 48 hours on the weekends. Moreover, they also post articles and blogs related to Magento which are also quite helpful.

Link to Forum:

5. Magento community Russian

This is the official Russian Magento forum which is one of the most popular international forums for Magento. The expert Russian developers are always active and ready to help the needy. Most of the times, I have found the solutions for my those Magento issues which were not there on the English version of the forum. So, it is a useful resource that you can bookmark.

You can easily understand the posts and thread on this forum by using translators.

Link to Forum:

6. Magento community German

This official Magento forum is especially for the very active German Magento Community. You may also want to have a look at this forum to find solutions and resources.

Link to Forum:

7. Go Mage Magento Forum

This is a quite young forum yet it has a decent population of Magento developers, users, and website owners. You can always check the useful resources provided here in the form of forum threads, blogs, and articles.

Link to Blog:

8. Escola Magento Forum

This forum was created for sharing useful Magento related information and discussing on various issues and solutions. It also provides Magento tutorials, blogs, and articles. It can be a very useful resource for Magento developers.

Link to Forum:

9. Polish Magento Forum

This is a special forum for Polish Magento community. However, you can easily access the resources, tips, tricks, tutorials, issues, threads etc by just using a translator.

Obviously, you won’t want to loose a useful resource when language is no more a bar.

Link to forum:

10. Magentovietnam Forum

This is a special forum for Vietnamese Magento community. However, it is easily accessible throughout. It is one of the most useful forums in my list here.

Just translate and see how useful it can be to your Magento development and Management related tasks.

Link to forum:

Forums are considerably the best way to get the support for all your Magento related issues and requirements. However, most of the people don’t know about all the useful forums they can leverage. As an alternative or the next level, Magento related blogs come quite handy and easily accessible.

Given below is the list of top 10 Magento related blogs that can be pretty helpful to you:

1. The home team (Knowband blog)

Knowband is primarily an eCommerce plugin and extension development company. Apart from Magento, here you can find useful blogs, tips, tricks, tutorials, and insights about PrestaShop, OpenCart and various eCommerce related topics. You can also find the detailed user manuals, and documentations about all the ecommerce plugins and extensions developed at Knowband.

Link to blog:

2. Magento official blog

Magento has an official blog where you can find latest News, updates, articles released by the official Magento team. Here, you can also find various guest posts and case studies posted by the Several Magento experts, website owners, and developers.

Link to Blog:


What could be better than getting the tips and tricks from a certified and experienced Magento developer? DLTR is one such blog written by Damodar Bashyal a certified Magento developer. This blog is a very good repository of valuable contents that basically deals with technical stuff. It’s worth a look.

Link to Blog:

4. Inchoo

Inchoo is one of the most popular blogs for Magento. Here you can find the solutions to various real context issues related to Magento. From trending news to technical contents with usable codes, you can find a great help here.

Link to Blog:

5. Magetraining

Magetraining is basically a Magento training company for Merchants. Its blog is quite resourceful and you can find a lot of valuable information that can be applied in your Development and Magento operation related tasks.

Link to Blog:

6. Aheadworks

Aheadworks blog not only publishes the Magento related contents but the latest news, updates, and article on various eCommerce related trends and developments. It is quite popular among the readers.

Link to Blog:

7. Magento Fox

This amazing blog provides a great compilation of Magento news, tips, tricks, and tutorials. You can also find Magento tutorial videos here.

Link to Blog:

8. Amastyteam

Run by Magento developers this blog can be quite useful for referring to the useful Magento tips, tricks, articles, and tutorials. This is one of the pretty active blogs where they produce a lot of contents.

Link to Blog:

9. Magenticians

Run by expert Magento developers, writers, and guest post contributors this blog is a useful platform to get the resources and insight about Magento news, updates, development related contents, Magento SEO tips, etc.

Link to blog:

10. Fooman

Fooman has been publishing contents for a very long time now. Here you easily can find a good ultimate repository of useful Magento related blog posts and other articles. It’s full of informative contents about Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Link to Blog:


The resources mentioned in this post can come pretty handy for most of your Magento related requirements. You can refer to these resources for getting a support on various aspects like:

  • Development related issues
  • Tips and tricks
  • News updates
  • Tutorials
  • Training
  • E-Commerce Insights
  • Magento SEO and much more.

Hopefully, this post will act as a directory to access the best support for Magento. Let me know in comments if you can name some more useful resources for the global audience. All suggestions are welcomed here.

In case you cannot find satisfying support from these resources, you are always welcomed to get in touch with us. Our certified Magento developers are also active in most of the forums and guest posting blogs. Feel free to contact us.

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