Magento 2 Loyalty Points | Reward Points Extension

Magento 2 Loyalty Points | Reward Points Extension

Magento 2 Loyalty Points is a loyalty program extension that lets you reward users with some loyalty points on successful signups and order placement (if they match the conditions defined). The loyalty points can be used as a discount voucher by the customers on their next purchase.


1. Offer Loyalty points on sign-up

2. Loyalty points on purchases

3. Loyalty points on various product and cart factors

4. Add points manually or through CSV upload

5. Set up loyalty points expiry

6. Exclusive rewards on birthdays

7. Track loyalty points history of customers

8. Customize loyalty points related emails

9. Notify users about loyalty points expiration

10. Specify the minimum points required for redemption


1. Magento 2 Loyalty Points extension offers exciting rewards to users in the form of loyalty points.

2. Magento 2 Reward Points extension provides you with the option to offer loyalty points only if the user follows your defined conditions or say the loyalty points rule.

Loyalty points rules are classified into two parts- Behaviour Rule and Product/Cart Rule.

Magento 2 Loyalty Points

As per the first rule, the points will be distributed when a user does a successful registration on your website or places his/her first order. The latter involves loyalty points offering on a number of factors such as when a user chooses a shipping service or the payment method for which loyalty points exist or shops above the amount set from the back end.

3. You can specify the value of 1 loyalty point.

4. Magento loyalty program extension also lets you provide loyalty points to customers on their birthdays to make their day more special and gain their loyalty towards your brand.

5. You can specify the minimum points a customer needs to have to redeem them and generate a voucher.

6. You can set the validity of the generated voucher.

7. Magento 2 Loyalty Points extension allows you to reward loyalty points to some specific customers. You can either add the points manually or through CSV upload.

8. You can track the loyalty points acquired by the customer under “Loyalty Points Balance”. This displays the complete history of the loyalty points earned by the user along with some other related information.

Magento 2 Reward Points

From here, the admin can update loyalty points for some specific users.

9. Magento 2 Loyalty Points extension offers pre-existing email templates that can be customized the way you want.

10. The module has cron functionality that allows you to run cron for certain tasks such as sending loyalty points to customers on their birthday.

11. You can also specify the customer groups for which you want to offer loyalty points. There are three customer groups basically- General, Wholesaler, Retailer.

Benefits of Magento 2 Loyalty Points Extension

1. Improve Customer Retention

2. Increase user sign-ups on your website

3. Acquire new customers

4. Ensure repeat purchases and boost your sales

5. Build Customer loyalty

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