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The One Page Checkout Module by Knowband is a must – Know more!

One page checkout infers a client can purchase a product using one page checkout module specifically. It is interesting and fundamentally better than the old checkout structure. Further, that had endless pages to go to first before the admin receives the total installment. In fact, it demonstrates that the eCommerce destinations utilizing this component have visibly seen sales expand. Moreover, keep on doing likewise. On the other hand, multi-page checkout features many insignificant fields that the customer has to fill. Therefore, the customer runs away seeing the various fields. There is no great explanation to put resources into long checkout measures since it has everything required for an installment trade on a single page.

In this blog, we will take a look at various components that make the Single Page Checkout addon a must. In fact, we will also focus on Knowband’s One Page Checkout Extension. Let us go forth and have a better understanding of the Fast Checkout addon.

Knowband one page checkout for prestashop

How does Single Page Checkout plugin work?

The working of the One Page Checkout Extension is absolutely simple. The admin has to buy the module and install it in his eCommerce store. Further, configure it as per the need of the business. In fact, he starts by choosing the layout that he seems fit for the store. Moreover, add or delete the custom fields.

The next step is that a customer comes to the online store looking for a product. Further, finds what he/she’s looking for and adds the product(s) to the cart. Then, moves to the checkout page which is finally the last step to completing the purchase. Therefore, how you optimize the checkout page decides whether the customer buys the products or abandons the site. Hence, optimize the checkout page well to increase sales of your store.

one page express checkout process for knowband

Why pick the Fast Checkout addon on your eCommerce store?

Faster Checkout

Suppose, you visit a shopping store and have the sum of your ideal items in the shopping basket. Further, you start looking for the most basic checkout line. Moreover, get baffled when you see one that is really long and bothering. Also, online customers don’t like to hold on while they make the last installment; they moreover need the checkout cycle to be fast and quick. In case it’s not, they will undoubtedly leave it without buying anything. Being a web-based retailer, you needn’t bother with this happens.

Luckily, a quick checkout elective is available with the Quick Checkout addon. Further, it diminishes the time to fill in all the data on a singular page while purchasing on the web.

Right when online customers see that their checkout experience will be done upon only one page the open door that they make the trade is unquestionably higher.

Clutter-free Interface

A One Page Checkout addon is easy to understand. With a foreordained number of data fields and steps, the page remains clear and easy to go through. Additionally, quick checkout hinders disarray on the grounds that eCommerce buyers see promptly what data they are expected to give. Likewise, they don’t have to go through numerous means and pages which furthermore saves time.

Without a doubt, with one-adventure checkout, you don’t need to worry about whether your route is befuddling to site guests. Customers can without a doubt investigate through the checkout association as they comprehend what data is required, where it should be placed, and when it will be submitted.

Overhauled Page Performance

Customers don’t like to sit and believe that different pages will stack, a long checkout collaboration might make your customer disappointed, provoking cart surrender. One Page Checkout module makes web-based shopping steady since everything is kept in that overall area.

Rather than keeping it together for stacking of pages in continuation, customers get a fundamental page to fill and make the installment. There is no reserve time, just basically fill in the subtleties and press submit unequivocally.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customer fulfillment is a basic component that you really want your web-based store to convey. Single page checkout measure urges you to give an issue-free experience to the customers. Everything is manageable by a single page checkout. Further, to convey an overall shocking UX.

In case you really want to grow the change paces of your internet-based store, you should pick the one-page checkout measure. You can without a doubt add a quick checkout decision to your ongoing online store subject to the stage you are utilizing. For sure, you ought to just invigorate your eCommerce site with an extension or modules available to convey the fast shopping experience. That is where One Page Checkout Extension comes into the image.

What makes Responsive One Step Checkout addon by Knowband stunning?The One Page Checkout Module by Knowband is a must - Know more!

Guest Checkout

New customers might utilize the guest checkout capacities to finish their exchanges without enrolling with the site. This is an incredible method for furnishing clients with a faster method for buying without constraining them to enroll on the site.

Social login usefulness

The following component, social login, absolutely makes it simpler for clients to sign in or enlist. Purchasers may handily sign in or make a record on the eCommerce store. Moreover, to finish the exchange by buying what they have in their bin sans making a record. With the utilization of social login choices like Google, Facebook, or another social organization profile.

All installment strategies are viable

Whether or not your buyers need to finish the buy through PayPal or another strategy, the One Page Supercheckout can oblige them. Accordingly, the customer won’t leave the business without finishing the exchange.

Multiple shipping methods

Checkout in One Step Multiple shipping activities are supported by the plugin. Ulozenka Delivery, Zasielkovn Delivery, LP Express 24 Delivery, and others are a couple of choices out of a large number.

With Inline Validation, you can see the mistakes immediately

The One Page Checkout Module by Knowband is a must - Know more!

Assuming clients commit an error while entering out the data on the checkout page, the proceeding with a component of the One Step Checkout Extension springs up as an elective where they might address it.

Fields in the checkout cycle can be focused on

Depending on the need for anything very comparable, each eCommerce business administrator can slide and drop the components of the checkout page all over. From the back-finish of the Responsive one-page checkout, the head may effortlessly achieve something similar.

Changes to the item number

Purchasers may effortlessly alter the number of things on the checkout page with the assistance of this element of the responsive one-stage checkout addon. Changing to the item page to adjust the number of products further develops proficiency.

Filling in Google’s auto-address

Whenever a buyer begins filling in his location information, Google Auto-address fill gives address ideas. It gets the made characters and presents striking results. When you select the proposed address, the postal district and city segment is accessible.

3 Checkout Page designs

Knowband’s Single Page Checkout offers three different plan choices from which the business overseer can undoubtedly pick the one that best suits the subject of the eCommerce site.

Integrator for MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo accessibility

With the assistance of the One Page Supercheckout, gather customer data straightforwardly into your MailChimp, SendinBlue, or Klaviyo account when they show their installment.

GDPR consistence

The One Page Checkout follows GDPR prerequisites.

Details on Checkouts that have been abandoned

The One Page Checkout currently furnishes the retailer with a truly significant component that permits them to follow an assortment of insights. For instance, transformation rates at the checkout, the number of abandoned checkouts, abandoned pay, etc. The entrepreneur has the choice of seeing the recently alluded visuals for a specific day, week, month, or year.

The One Page Checkout Module by Knowband is a must - Know more!

Advantages of One Page Checkout Module

Simple, Simplified, and Convenient

The essential advantage of having a One Page Checkout is that it offers a simplified format. It looks advantageous and energizes a simple and quick checkout. Since it puts all the checkout components on one page, customers are very much aware, in advance, of how they need to finish checkout. It transforms a drawn-out checkout into a lovely and bother-free checkout.


Diminishes Cart Abandonment

Adding to the advantages of One Page Checkout is that it assists with diminishing cart abandonment. According to Baymard Institute, 23% of cart abandonments happen because of a long and confounded checkout. One-step checkout has ended up being exceptionally helpful for this situation. It brings down your cart abandonment by a good edge and assists you with recuperating lost sales.

Expands Conversions

This point intently connects with the subsequent point. Cart abandonment is contrarily corresponding to conversions. So when you face low abandoned carts, conversions consequently increment. Online customers show a higher goal to buy when given a single-page checkout which at last prompts higher conversions. However cart abandonments can never be killed, even a little improvement in conversions can bring you immense income.

All it requires is One-Click

One of the significant advantages of a One Page Checkout is that it dodges various snaps. Not at all like a multi-step checkout where a client needs to go through a few steps or pages before they could affirm their request, a single page checkout makes it a one-tick process. It offers a straightforward route and allows customers to submit their requests inside a single tick.

Further develops Site Performance

An extensive checkout urges customers to leave the checkout page. Trusting that the following page will stack over and again can in some cases be enraging for the customers and they might skip off from your site, destroying your site’s presentation.

The One Page Checkout Module by Knowband is a must - Know more!

There are several reasons why Knowband makes a popular company for eCommerce plugins. However, when it comes to the Simplified Checkout addon, Knowband has its expertise. Let us understand the reasons why Knowband is the best place to buy the module.

20000+ Sales

Knowband proudly announced earlier last year that the One Page Checkout Module has been sold more than 12000 times in 2021 only on the Knowband store. Moreover, by April 2022, the company celebrates 20000+ sales. In fact, the sales are a combination of both the Knowband store and the Addon store. Therefore, you know that there are 20K+ merchants out there who are satisfied with their purchases from the company.

One for every CMS system

The company offers a One Page Supercheckout extension for various eCommerce platforms. Further, you have the plugin for Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento, and Magento 2. Thus, no matter which platform you have, you can easily shop the module and install it in your store.

Stunning feedback from the customers

The One Page Checkout Module by Knowband is a must - Know more!

Knowband boasts about the eCommerce plugins it offers. However, it is of no use if the customer feedback states otherwise. Further, you can go on and read the reviews and ratings offered by happy customers of the One Step Checkout Addon.

In the End

So, if you are looking for an option that can optimize your checkout page, there’s no better option than one page checkout module. Knowband is definitely the best place for you to browse your option. I have tried to elaborate on all the details of the plugin to the best of my ability. In case you still have any doubts, let us know at support@knowband.com.

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