Are Customization On PrestaShop Website Are Really Necessary?


Having a website truly in line with the objectives of the business is what most online store owners want. For that, PrestaShop website customization plays a huge role. For eCommerce websites on PrestaShop, modifications & customizations are necessary to optimally run the website. Although PrestaShop, by default, has almost every possible feature, it still allows unlimited types of customizations in design & functionalities.

Making use of such an open-source platform can prove to be rewarding for businesses in terms of increasing revenue & building a better brand reputation. Hence, this article aims to elaborate on some of such PrestaShop website customizations and why they are necessary for eCommerce businesses. Below are the factors proving why the customizations are a necessity:

1. Improvements In UI & UX:

Making modifications in a PrestaShop site or App helps improve the User Interface & User Experience. For instance, customizing a navigation bar/ menu & making it a sticky menu with all the relevant links can make the navigation process simpler for the site visitors. Many more elements on the website can be customized to make the website more convenient for usage.

2. Additional Functionalities:

Adding customizations is not limited to just adding graphical & aesthetic edits. Many additional functionalities like chatbots, gamified subscriptions, social login & sharing can be introduced into a PrestaShop website. Having such a well-optimized eCommerce website usually gets better responses & reviews from its customers leading to a better online reputation.

3. Payment Gateways:

Based on the needs, an eCommerce business on PrestaShop can set up many different kinds of payment options. Not every potential customer could be using a conventional mode of payment. So, it is good to have multiple options to improve the shopping experience for the users.

4. Checkout Processes:

The lengthy process for checkout can be simplified by introducing simple one page checkout customization. Make your checkout pages having some pre-filled data from the previous purchases. Alternatively, an address book can be added to the user’s account details area. Hence, during checkout, the user will have to simply choose an address from the list, instead of manually typing the entire address.

5. Homepage Customization:

The homepage is the face of a website & it must briefly reflect the contents & objective of the entire website. That’s the reason why most eCommerce giants keep changing the look of their homepage from time to time. Taking the example of an apparels’ e-store, for instance, they keep upgrading their homepage according to the seasonal new arrivals & sale for example- fall collection, spring collection, end-of-season sale, black Friday sale, etc.. This helps the site visitors to be aware of the latest trends & products available on that e-store.

Tip: Utilize the action hooks to set links on the homepage’s images to redirect your customers to relevant products or categories.

Footer is an element that can mostly be accessed from any page of a website. A majority of the shoppers have the tendency to go bottom in search of useful links. So, be sure to have all the useful information on your website footer. Some of the common links are ‘My Account’ / Sign-In options, sitemap, list of main categories, privacy policy page link, website certification logos, payment options, customer support link, etc.

7. Chat Support Option:

To keep up with all the issues/queries reported of online shoppers & get them resolved using simpler & effective mediums, integrate chat support on your website.  You may choose from any of the popular platforms like Whatsapp, Zopim, & others. More & more netizens are preferring to initially communicate with a business using chatbots before actually making the purchase. So, keeping up with the trend, add a suitable chat channel on your website.

Ending Comments:

A lot more is possible with such customized functionalities. It’s up to businesses to utilize the necessary features & make their website more user-friendly, functional & sales-driving than it used to be. For the above discussed or any other sort of customization functionalities, drop us a message us at or visit KnowBand.


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