Why Do Businesses need a ‘Private Shop’?


Ever heard the word ‘Private Shop’? There are a few companies that allow you to see their products only when you register. The website content can be accessible after signup. 

While exploring articles and research papers, websites usually show a popup and ask for registration to access the entire content. They show you limited content to build up curiosity and for more details, you have no choice but to register.

Those websites were privatized and the same can be done for your eCommerce store. You can make your Opencart, PrestaShop, or Magento store private using ‘Private Shop’ modules. Why do you need a private shop? Go ahead and find out why.

This article is a compilation of 101s of ‘Private Shop’ for B2B businesses and other enterprises

What is a private shop?


When a store is accessible to registered clients only, the store comes under the ‘Private Shop’ category. Making a web store private allows you to effortlessly regulate the store’s sales. This way, the online store administrator can prevent customers from viewing the store, goods, or categories without first logging in or registering.

You can create a private customer group and allocate numerous private groups to each product/category, each of which is only accessible by the given group of consumers. Send emails to a specific group of clients about new offers, discounts, collections, and so on.

Why do businesses need a Private Shop?

If you have products for both B2B and B2C on your eCommerce site, you’ll need to create a private environment for each, which is where the Private Shop option comes in.

  • B2B businesses require private platforms

The wholesale group may get complete access to the store, whereas the general group is limited to a single product or category. You can create fully functional web pages and categories for restricted consumers and users.

The business works in a systematic manner and giving access to retailers for the wholesale prices will affect their business. A ‘Private Shop’ gives privacy to B2B businesses.

  • Increased registration and email subscribers

A ‘Private Shop’ can also benefit B2C businesses. If you run campaigns and tell your customers that you are running discounts on your store, it will influence them to register with your brand and get access to those discounted products. 

In a way, you are forcing them to register to get access to your store. This increases the registration on your store and builds up your email list.

  • Early access to registered customers for high-end products: 

Many businesses sales luxurious products or merchandise that have limited editions should go for a ‘Private Shop’. If you have a small set of audiences for your brand that purchases high-end products, you definitely don’t want everyone to access it.  

A limited group of people can be notified of this. As a result of which they feel privileged and you will be able to provide a satisfying customer experience.

How to convert your store into Private Shop?

You are just three steps away from converting your store into a Private Shop.

  1. Purchase the module and unzip the files and refer to the user manual
  2. Install the module on your respective website with the source code.
  3. Configure the Private Shop settings and begin!

Features you should consider before buying a private shop module

  • The store owner has the ability to construct a fully private shop
  • Create secret groups with IP addresses and only allow some of the clients
  • Visitors will not be able to see private products or categories
  • Also, work as a permissions extension for catalogs
  • Each product/category can have several groups assigned to it by the administrator
  • Customers can view their personal products/categories by a private group
  • Allow Google to crawl the private pages of your website
  • Each product/category can be made private by the administrator
  • In addition, the admin should have the ability to send emails to members of a private group
  • The product label/product label image can be changed by the administrator
  • Have a customized storefront with a registration form that allows changing background

Live Demo for Private Shop modules

Click here to see the PrestaShop demo

You can check the live demo for OpenCart here

Check the live demo for Magento from here

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