Benefits of Cash on Delivery (COD) When Shopping Online


COD stands for Cash on Delivery, the most familiar word we see while we shop. Cash on Delivery means the customer will pay the amount of the package or product he/she ordered after he/she received it. Now the biggest question is, how beneficial is Cash on Delivery to eCommerce? 

Benefits of Cash on Delivery

You might have enough cash on hand or perhaps a credit card to pay for your item right away. Why, therefore, do online and offline retailers offer payment upon delivery as a payment option? As I previously stated, some stores or enterprises want to increase their business by providing COD options. However, there are several advantages for you as well.

  • You can check your order before payment

Cash on Delivery is beneficial because it lets the customer get assured of the product he/she received. In case the product they order isn’t the correct one, the money will be in their hands. No more complaining about the product and asking for a refund.

COD gives you the freedom of buying the product from somewhere else in case you find the quality of the item inappropriate. Furthermore, you don’t lose anything if the order is messed up for whatever reason. You also don’t have to wait for the merchant to refund your money or force you to accept a substitute instead of canceling the order entirely.

  • Payments security 

As a person, I prefer going with the COD option. In case you are purchasing something from online sellers such as  Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, or Shopify, availing of COD facilities is always better. 

Though there is nothing wrong with these platforms, it’s just their online payment systems might not be as secure as one would desire. Furthermore, I have come across online marketplaces, in some cases, as a marketplace they only accept payments only from a specific payment portal or app for their orders. 

Therefore, it’s better to go with the cash on delivery option because then you don’t need to download another mobile wallet or app just to pay for a single order. 

  • You have time for getting cash 

Cash on Delivery gives you the freedom to cancel the order when you are out of cash. There must be times when you ordered something and you ran out of money, though such situations are rare but they’re not uncommon. There may be moments when our resources, particularly money, will be stretched thin. COD allows us a much-needed break in these situations, allowing us to arrange for the money or reconsider the order. 

Cash on Delivery Modules offered by Knowband

  • Prestashop Cash on Delivery with fee addon

Prestashop Cash On Delivery with fee add-on offered by Knowband permitting the Prestashop store admin to offer the option of cash on delivery to all their online clients. Furthermore, with the help of this add-on admin can now encourage customers to finish their order regardless of whether they want to go via the entire process of online payment. This module even permits eCommerce merchants to fix the terms and conditions and even fees for the COD.

Features of Prestashop Cash on Delivery with fee addon 

  • Allows store admin to provide the COD option to their clients with an additional fee
  • Addon allows the admin to charge a fee for the cash on delivery option which can be managed from the back-end.
  • Without sharing the bank details customers can shop from the site.
  • Boosts overall conversion of the website.
  • Increases the entire revenue of the website.
  • OpenCart Cash on Delivery with Fees extension


Keeping the requirement of COD, Knowband has offered OpenCart Cash on Delivery with Fees extension for Opencart merchants. This extension helps in eliminating the payment dependency on shopping cards. Moreover, it offers custom COD functionality to the customers. Customers can flexibly opt for cash on delivery payment during any product purchases from the store with this OpenCart extension.

Key features of OpenCart Cash on Delivery with Fees extension:

  • Permit COD option for items at your eCommerce store with an additional charge.
  • Allow clients to pay for their orders using the cash on delivery module for an additional cost.
  • With the OpenCart Cash on the Delivery plugin, you can add your payment gateway to your site so that clients can make purchases without having to provide their credit card information.
  • Create several COD profiles for different order quantities and shipping types.
  • With the COD option, the OpenCart Cash on Delivery module charges your customers a flat or percentage cost.

In case you find any trouble with the above module, feel free to write us at

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