Benefits of Selling on Multi-Vendor Marketplace


If you have been selling online for a long and now if you want to take your business to new heights of success, why aren’t you thinking of a multi-vendor marketplace? Converting your store into a multi-vendor marketplace is not only beneficial for your business but your budget as well because you don’t have to invest too much. 

According to research, 95 percent of online customers have made a purchase on one of the markets, 31 percent of eCommerce shoppers making their first purchase prefer to do so, and 54 percent of online purchasers think marketplace purchasing has changed the way they shop.

Why you should start your own multi-vendor eCommerce store?

The key to success in any business is Innovation. Furthermore, the multi-seller model comes with several benefits over a regular online store. 

  • You can sell a variety of products

A multi-vendor eCommerce store gives you the freedom to add any number of vendors to your store. These vendors can have their inventory. As a result, your store will come close to the physical world marketplace, a place where various vendors can provide a huge variety of products to the customers. 

  • Streamlined And Smooth Operations

It’s all about optimizing processes to manage as well as distribute things as quickly as possible when running an online store. Further, Individual vendors manage inventories, introduce new products, as well as provide product catalog updates when you turn your online store into a multi-vendor marketplace. As a result, activities run smoothly and without hiccups, and the burden of management is shared among various actors. Also, you can simply relax, even think about how to improve your operations as well as expand your business.

  • Budget-friendly

Having an online marketplace can significantly reduce the cost of managing the multiple teams required to keep the inventory side of the business running well. Furthermore, you can concentrate only on your sales and customer service staff. Moreover, this division of labor not only reduces prices but also improves efficiency and service quality on your multi-vendor e-commerce store.

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  • You get more control

Selling on a multi-vendor marketplace comes with lesser responsibility as well as more control. Furthermore, store merchant of an online marketplace gets complete control as well as the authority of choosing, allowing as well as restricting or rejecting any vendor. Once a vendor is listed on your multi-vendor marketplace, the vendor is also responsible for order fulfillment. Further, this relieves the administrator of several obligations while allowing him to continue to monitor and assist suppliers with the fulfillment process.

Multi-vendor marketplace modules offered by Knowband

Prestashop Marketplace Addon

For Prestashop owners, Knowband offers Prestashop Marketplace addon which is beneficial for Prestashop store merchants as it helps in creating their marketplace. Further, the module allows multiple sellers to sell their products.

Multi-vendor marketplace

Key features of PrestaShop Marketplace module:

  • The module allows managing sellers.
  • Prestashop Marketplace module offers an approval configuration feature.
  • Allows managing the commission from the sellers.
  • For notification, the addon can customize templates.
  • Module is compatible with  PrestaShop Mobile App for Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Gold Plan

PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Gold Plan launched by Knowband for e-store owners. Further, this plan includes various modules. Including Marketplace CSV import/export plugin, Marketplace Customer-Seller Ticket Addon, Marketplace Deal Manager module, etc. Furthermore, the plan permit owners to create a fully-functional marketplace similar to Amazon.

Key features of Prestashop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Gold Plan:

  • Provide basic features of the PrestaShop Marketplace module as well as other features of other supportive marketplace modules. 
  • Via CSV, it allows bulk uploading of the products for the sellers.
  • To resolve queries, it offers seller customer ticket systems.
  • Allows sellers to run deals as well as discounts for their items with the help of deal managers.
  • Allows sellers to customize the invoice for better branding with the seller invoice module.

OpenCart Marketplace extension

Opencart Marketplace Extension offered by Knowband is capable of transforming your single-vendor website into a fully-functional marketplace swiftly. Further, with the assistance of a multi-vendor marketplace module, store merchants can build a marketplace similar to Amazon, eBay, etc. This even helps multiple sellers to sell their items on the marketplace.

Key features of Opencart Marketplace Extension:

  • Opencart’s Multi-vendor marketplace’s new admin interface makes seller management effortless.
  • Makes commission management effortless for the store admin.
  • Offers email templates customization for all the notifications.
  • With a button click, the product as well as category management can be done.
  • Compatible with  Opencart mobile app builder plugin

Magento 2 Marketplace addon

Magento 2 Marketplace addon provided by Knowband helps Magento 2 store owners to build their own marketplace. Further, the addon permits various sellers to sell their items.

Key features of Magento 2 marketplace:

  • Magento 2 marketplace helps manage sellers.
  • Addon provides approval configuration.
  • Helps in managing the commission from the sellers.
  • Helps in product management.
  • Offers management of the orders without any hassle.
  • Offers multi-language functionality.
  • Compatible with Magento 2 Mobile App Builder.

Magento Marketplace Addon

Magento Marketplace Addon is a KnowBand extension that allows Magento store owners to create their own marketplace where numerous merchants can sell their products.

Key features of Magento marketplace:

  • Manage sellers
  • Approval configuration
  • Manage the commission from the sellers
  • Customized e-mail templates for notification
  • Product management
  • Compatible with Magento Mobile App for Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

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