Knowband’s Incredible Journey with Little-Cecile: Mobile App Development!!

Knowband’s Incredible Journey with Little-Cecile: Mobile App Development!!

Starting an eCommerce-based online business requires a unique blend of dreams and dedication. In the modern era, where technology reigns supreme, over 50% of total shopping activities take place on the Internet. It is within this boundless digital landscape that countless success stories have unfolded. Showcasing the power of entrepreneurial spirit and the triumph of unwavering determination.

Supporting the tradition, we have also got an incredible story of Paris’s Kids Emporium. Little Cecile is one of the trendiest kids’ fashion emporiums where you can find all needs and desires of children. Offering a wide range of products and services tailored to their age groups and interests.


About Little-Cecile!!

Behind little Cecile hides Cécile, a mother of 4 children and a passionate pharmacist. Her curated inventory is a treasure trove for young children, carefully selecting each designer and brand. With a belief that children are the most precious, and deserving of the best. The Little Cecile’s collection combines essential brands, personalized objects, and limited editions.
Every item exudes sweetness, imagination, and uniqueness. Little Cecile’s realm is a place where parents discover extraordinary treasures, knowing they have been chosen with love. Childhood is celebrated as a time of wonder, and every child deserves items that inspire and nurture their dreams.
Along with Offline stores situated in Lille, Paris, the little-Cecile offers a wide range of products via an eCommerce website.

Little-Cecile Android and iOS Mobile Apps:

Little-Cecile provides a personalized eCommerce shop and mobile apps for their valued customers. Their Little-Cecile Mobile App, built with Knowband Mobile App Builder, offers a plethora of fantastic features. It guarantees a seamless user experience for both Android and iOS users. The Little-Cecile team also extends exciting offers exclusively to mobile app users, aiming to enhance their business-customer relationships.

Little-Cecile Android and iOS Mobile Apps
The Little-Cecile online shop is based on Prestashop eCommerce platforms which enables vast opportunities for the seller community. Developed with Prestashop Mobile App Maker by Knowband, the app comes with tons of customizations along with all the default features offered by Knowband Mobile App Builder.
Along with various richly loaded features, the mobile apps ensure the best usability for the customers down to the last details.
Knowband’s custom Flutter App development teams achieved one of the most recent milestones by delivering one of the masterpieces within the dedicated timelines.

Prestashop Mobile App Builder:

Mobile App Maker for Prestashop is a complete no-code solution for creating rich featured Android and iOS Mobile Apps for Prestashop eCommerce stores. The plugin comes with a single-time payment and lifetime usability. This means you will not have to renew your support or subscription annually or monthly to keep your apps working.

Moreover, the dedicated technical staff at Knowband takes care of every aspect from module installation to making your apps live on the store. Ensure peace of mind for the beloved Prestashop seller community.
Furthermore, the apps developed with Prestashop mobile app builder comes with tons of features such as Apple login, Fingerprint login, real-time inventory synchronization, all type of payment and shipping methods support, etc. Moreover, we are also open to all sorts of customizations and additional requirements at very reasonable prices.

Wrapping Up!!

Businesses like Little-Cecile does a great job of empowering the will of taking a further step ahead in the eCommerce community. These kinds of stories not only enhance the enthusiasm amongst online sellers but also lead the way to success. 
At Knowband, along with the Prestashop, you can also find the Mobile App Builders and PWA for other eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, Magento 2, and OpenCart.
Moreover, in case of all your queries or concerns, you can also drop us a mail at

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