Steps to use Google Authenticator App for 2 Factor Authentication for GoDaddy

1. Install Google Authenticator App:


Google Authenticator App

2. Click on the + icon at the right bottom of the app screen. This would give you an option to scan a QR Code.


3. Log into Godaddy account of MorroCapital and goto:


varification process

4. On the right bottom part you will see an option to ADD BACKUP. Click it.


5. It will take you to the next screen where you need to select “Authenticator App” as the option and click NEXT.



6. On the new screen it would show a QR code to you. You need to Scan that QR code with your Google Authenticator app (Step:2)


QR code scanning

7. Then Click NEXT and it would ask you to fill in the code. You just need to fill in the code which is being shown in the Google Authenticator App and Click Continue. If the code is correct, the app will be configured and you are no more dependent on SMS alone although you can always use SMS as the authentication option while logging into the account.


Google authenticator

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