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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, seamless and instant customer communication is the cornerstone of exceptional online shopping experiences. We proudly present the Prestashop WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Addon by Knowband – a revolutionary tool designed to amplify your Prestashop store’s customer support capabilities. By seamlessly integrating the power of WhatsApp into your online store. The Prestashop WhatsApp Live chat addon empowers you to engage in real-time, personalized conversations with your customers. Transcending geographical barriers and time zones. Elevate your customer service strategies, foster trust, and witness a significant surge in customer satisfaction and conversions. All with the incredible convenience of WhatsApp. Embark on a journey to redefine customer interactions with the Prestashop WhatsApp Chat Manager Module – where connectivity, convenience, and conversion converge harmoniously.


1.2.  Features Offered by Prestashop WhatsApp Live Chat Addon:

Mobile Friendly: With the help of Prestashop WhatsApp Chat Manager, the store admin can seamlessly engage with customers on the go. The addon ensures a mobile-friendly chat interface. Enabling customers to reach out and receive support conveniently from their smartphones or tablets.

Offline Messages:

Never miss a customer query! Allow customers to leave messages even when your support agents are offline. These messages are stored and can be addressed when agents are back online.

Emojis and Attachments:

The Prestashop Store admin can enrich conversations with expressive emojis and attachments with the help of Knowband’s WhatsApp Chat module for Prestashop. Share images, documents, and product information effortlessly to enhance the clarity of communication.

Language Flexibility:

Break language barriers with multi-language support. Communicate with customers in their preferred language, making interactions more comfortable and meaningful with the Prestashop WhatsApp Chat plugin.

Chat History:

Maintain a comprehensive chat history for reference. Agents can access previous conversations, ensuring a contextual and personalized support experience.

Canned Responses:

Streamline responses to common queries by creating a library of canned responses. Efficiently address frequently asked questions while maintaining a consistent and professional tone.

Customizable Availability:

Set specific working hours for chat availability. Using the Prestashop WhatsApp Customer chat addon, the store admin can manage customer expectations by letting them know when they can expect a prompt response.

Responsive Design:

The Prestashop WhatsApp Chat addon boasts a responsive design that adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes and devices, ensuring an optimal chat experience for both customers and agents.


1.3. Benefits to the Customers and Presta Admin:

The Prestashop WhatsApp Chat Addon by Knowband offers numerous benefits to the store admin and customer. Please find below a glance over some of the most noticeable advantages offered by the Prestashop WhatsApp Chat Manager plugin.

Instant Assistance:

Customers can enjoy real-time support with the Prestashop WhatsApp Live Chat Addon, getting their queries addressed promptly and enhancing their shopping experience.

Convenient Communication:

Connect with your favorite Prestashop store via WhatsApp, platform customers are familiar with, eliminating the need for learning new interfaces.

Personalized Interaction:

Engage in personalized conversations with knowledgeable agents who can guide customers through product selections, discounts, and more.

Easy Attachments:

Share images, documents, or screenshots through Prestashop WhatsApp Live Chat, making it effortless to provide evidence or clarify product-related doubts.

Multilingual Support:

Enjoy seamless communication in your preferred language, creating a comfortable and inclusive support experience.

Effortless Query Tracking:

Customers can conveniently refer back to their previous chats, eliminating the need to repeat questions and providing a consistent support journey.


For Admins:

Streamlined Support:

Admins can efficiently manage and respond to customer inquiries from the Prestashop admin panel using the WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Addon.

Enhanced Productivity:

The addon allows admins to handle multiple chats simultaneously, increasing the efficiency of customer query resolution.

Performance Insights:

Gain valuable insights through chat analytics, enabling admins to assess agent responsiveness, customer satisfaction, and support performance.

Reduced Response Time:

Admins can employ predefined responses and automated greetings to reduce response time and maintain a high level of customer service.

Mobile-Friendly Management:

Admins can oversee chats from their mobile devices, ensuring that customer support remains accessible even while on the move.

Customizable Interface:

Customize the chat widget’s appearance to align with the store’s branding, maintaining a consistent visual identity throughout the customer journey.

2.0. Installation Guide for Prestashop WhatsApp Chat Addon:

Once you purchase the addon, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Store Admin -> Modules and Services.




  1. Click on “Upload a module”. You can drag or drop the file or can simply select the file from the system.




Once the file is completely uploaded, a notification of “Module(s) installed successfully” will display.


3.0 Admin Interface: Prestashop WhatsApp Live chat Manager Addon:

Prestashop WhatsApp Chat plugin provides an easy-to-use interface that allows the admin to manage the module configurations at his convenience.
Furthermore, the store admin can manage and modify the chat availability, agent status, pages- where they want to showcase the WhatsApp support icon, etc. within a few clicks.

3.0.1 General Setting:




Enable Module: The store admin can enable the WhatsApp chat module from here.

Custom CSS: In the following text field, the store admin can add customized CSS for modifying the look and feel of the WhatsApp icon on the storefront.

3.0.2. Agent Listing:




The Presta admin can check the record of all the chat agents in the agent listing tab. We have provided the option for showing the agent name, agent number, agent ID, availability slot, and agent status in the agent listing tab of the Prestashop WhatsApp Live Chat Manager addon.

Add Agent: The store admin can add a new chat agent by clicking on the button shown in the above image.

Edit Agent: In case you want to modify the configurations of an existing chat agent, you can hit the edit chat agent button.

3.0.3. Agent Configurations:

Active: The store admin can enable/disable particular chat agents from here.

Enter the Agent Name: This particular text field is provided for entering the name of chat agents.

Add the Phone Number: The admin can add the agent’s phone number in the following text field. Furthermore, it is mandatory to add the mobile number with the country code to ensure the smooth workflow of WhatsApp Chat on your Presta store.




Add the Predefined Message: You can add any pre-defined message here and the customers will find the same auto-filled on their message box while approaching the WhatsApp chat.

Display Devices: We have provided 3 options here. Desktop, phones, and, tablets so that the admin can choose as per preferences.

Display Pages: The store admin can choose the specific pages on which he wants to show the WhatsApp chat icon. You can choose the specific or all-page option from the following field.

Set Time (From): In the following text field, the admin will have to add the start time for the availability of a particular chat agent. The time format should be HH: MM:  SS.

Set Time (TO): Here, the admin can add the slot ending time for the chat agent.


4.0. Prestashop WhatsApp Chat Module: Front End:

As previously mentioned, we explored the user-friendly backend customization options provided by the PrestaShop WhatsApp Live Chat Extension. Once the necessary configurations are set up, the store administrator can promptly activate the customer support feature on the online store.

Additionally, you have the option to experience the module demonstration, which allows you to preview the live front-end and back-end functionalities of the WhatsApp Chat Plugin for PrestaShop.




Should you have any inquiries or recommendations concerning the WhatsApp Chat Manager Plugin, our support team is readily available at





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