Spring Global (Spring Omni) Error: Shipment is not being Registered

Problem Statement:

Shipment is not being registered on the sent timestamp and also no error is reporting in the response.


We have raised a ticket for the same and they replied that this issue was occurred because recipient’s email parameter was not sent in the Shipment API https://api.myparcel.com/shipments

According to the Spring Omni documentation, this email is optional parameter:

Spring Omni documentation
So, we raised a ticket again on Spring Omni regarding this and they replied: The shipment is failing to be created due to recipient email address not being populated. Although, the schema shows this as optional but Spring require the email address so the carriers can send notifications to the recipient (if they offer that service…)

So recipient email is required parameter in Spring Omni and need to be sent in shipment API.

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