Win Back Lost Shoppers: Top 5 Knowband’s PrestaShop Plugins Every Merchant Needs!

Knowband's 5 Prestashop Plugins to win back lost shoppers

In the competitive realm of eCommerce, every visitor counts, and losing a potential customer can be a significant setback. If a customer visits your store, there can be a thousand reasons that prevent him from making the orders. Either, it could be out-of-stock products, internet connection issues, or there are other reasons possible too.

Thus, it becomes crucial to win back such potential customers by following different strategies, turning them into potential buyers.

Furthermore, in the following article, we have the most innovative solutions that can make it possible for merchants not only to attract but also win back those who might have left without making a purchase.

Developed by Knowband, one of the leading names in the industry, these plugins are designed to enhance customer engagement and retention. Here are the top 5 PrestaShop plugins every merchant needs to re-engage lost shoppers.

top 5 Knowband's PrestaShop plugins every merchant needs to re-engage lost shoppers


1. Back in Stock Notifications:

Nothing disappoints a customer more than finding their desired product out of stock. Following the same, the PrestaShop Back in Stock Notifications plugin is a game-changer in this scenario. The module allows customers to subscribe to an alert and receive a notification when their desired product is back in stock.
This not only improves the user experience but also increases the chances of converting a lost sale into a successful transaction.

2. Abandoned Cart Notifications:

Cart abandonment is a prevalent issue in online shopping, with numerous shoppers leaving their carts due to various reasons. Not only does it impact the overall sales but also disappoints the store admin.

Addressing the cart abandonment issue, the PrestaShop Abandoned Cart Notifications addon addresses this problem by sending gentle reminders to customers about their unfinished purchases. Moreover, the Prestashop admin gets the option to modify the email discount at their fingertips. This nudge can significantly increase the likelihood of customers returning to complete their transactions, thereby boosting sales.

3. Spin and Win/Entry-Exit Pop-Up:

Engaging customers from the moment they land on your site is crucial. The Spin and Win/Entry-Exit Pop-Up addon offers an interactive way to capture the attention of visitors. Moreover, this plugin displays a fun, game-like pop-up where customers can spin a wheel to win discounts or offers.
Therefore, it’s an excellent tool for capturing email addresses and reducing bounce rates, making it easier to win back customers who might be on the fence.

4. PrestaShop Exit Pop-Up:

The PrestaShop Exit Pop-Up Plugin is specifically designed to target users attempting to leave the site. By displaying a compelling message or offer at the crucial moment they decide to exit, this plugin can effectively persuade them to reconsider their decision. Whether it’s a special discount, a reminder of what’s in their cart, or an exclusive offer, this plugin can significantly reduce exit rates and increase customer retention.

5. Return Manager:

A smooth return process is essential for customer satisfaction and retention. Not only does it help customers to get better services but also maintains healthy business customer relationships.
Therefore, the PrestaShop Return Manager plugin simplifies the management of return requests, making it hassle-free for both the merchant and the customer. By facilitating an easy return process, this plugin helps maintain a positive relationship with customers, encouraging them to shop with confidence and return in the future.


In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, staying ahead means continuously finding ways to engage and retain customers. The top 5 PrestaShop plugins developed by Knowband, including Back in Stock Notifications, Abandoned Cart Notifications, Spin and Win, Exit Pop-Up, and Return Manager, are essential tools for any merchant looking to win back lost shoppers. By implementing these plugins, merchants can enhance the shopping experience, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately, boost their sales and profitability.



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