PrestaShop Shipping Cost by Zip Code Addon

PrestaShop shipping cost by zip code module

PrestaShop Shipping cost by zip code addon adjusts the shipping fee as per the postal code entered by the customer in the address fields on the checkout page.

Instead of a fixed shipping cost, you can now charge customers for shipping location-wise, which means the shipping cost will fluctuate as per the location or zip code specified by the customer. PrestaShop shipping rates by zip code module helps you manage the shipping price for different zones.

Besides, it enhances the user experience on the checkout page.


1. The shipping cost is automatically calculated based on the zip code.

2. Set different shipping price for different zones and countries

3. Define a specific zip code or a range of zip code and charge shipping accordingly

4. Add multiple zones

5. Add multiple zip codes through CSV upload.


PrestaShop Shipping cost by zip code addon allows you to add multiple zones from the back-end configurations. Simply click on the Add new condition button to add a new zone.

PrestaShop Shipping Cost by Zip code

After that, you can specify the zone which you want to add and choose the country accordingly. If you cannot find the zone from the drop-down list, you can add it manually by clicking on Add new zone.

Moving further, you can specify a particular zip code for a different shipping price or you can specify a range of zip codes that will follow the same shipping price. It is because a particular region has different zip codes. So you can set a range and have a fixed shipping price for all the areas lying in that range.

To add multiple zip codes through a CSV file, you can do that by clicking on the Import CSV option.

With the help of the PrestaShop Shipping cost calculator, you can adjust the shipping price as per your defined zones from your back-end office; under the shipping section.

Over to You

PrestaShop Shipping Calculator module is easy to install and configure with no requirement of any technical knowledge. You can enable or disable within a single click. The module also offers multi-lingual support and is compatible with the latest PrestaShop version

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