PrestaShop Google Custom Search

PrestaShop Google Custom Search

PrestaShop Google Custom Search addon incorporates a Google Custom Search bar on your PrestaShop website. The custom search bar specifically displays your website results for the searches made by a user, thus shrinking the overall Google search results to your website specific results only.

If you want to filter out your website products from a thousand products available on Google, PrestaShop Google Custom Search is everything you need. It functions just like the actual Google search engine except that the search results are customized or say restricted to your website only.

Google Custom Search Engine

Let’s talk about the features and benefits.

PrestaShop Google Custom Search addon adds a Google Custom Search Bar on your website by replacing the default search bar.

In case you want to switch to the default one, simply disable the “Replace with default Search bar” option under the configuration of this PrestaShop addon.

2. Specify the number of results per page

Mention the number of search results that you would like to display for every page. The search results per page can range from 1 to 20.

3. Sorting available as per relevance and date

Online visitors can filter out the search results based on the relevancy or the date posted. Relevant sorting will help a user to find the most useful results while sorting as per the posting date will help in finding the latest updates.

On disabling the sorting function, the results will, by default, be displayed as per their relevancy.

4. Add an image tab on the search results

Display images based on the searched keyword by enabling the “Image search” option under PrestaShop Google Custom Search configurations.

5. Autocomplete

The autocomplete feature helps a user to find the relevant results quickly. The search bar starts displaying results in real-time, as soon as the user starts typing his search query.

Note: Sorting, Autocomplete and Image search can be enabled/disabled from the Custom Search Control Panel as well.

Every search result will open in a new tab so that you do not lose your visitors off on existing pages.

1. Improve your SEO rankings

Wondering how? Well, the searches made through the Google Custom Search bar are indexed like a normal Google search query, which helps in improving your website ranking on the Google Search Engine.

So, do not get confused on how the Google Custom Search Bar is different from a normal search bar.

2. Increase your website traffic

Since the search results are restricted to your website only, PrestaShop Google Custom Search makes a great opportunity to increase the traffic on your website.

Apart from these, Google Custom Search helps you reduce your website’s bounce rate which eventually increases the average site time.

That’s it!

Check out the admin demo and front demo to test the module.

For any assistance or module related query, drop a mail at

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