Why Migrate from PrestaShop1.7 to PrestaShop 8.1?

Upgrade to PrestaShop 8.1 - Boost Security & Performance by Knowband

Migrating your PrestaShop 1.7 store to Prestashop 8.1 offers a lot of noticeable benefits, which include the enhanced performance of your store, improved security features, and access to the latest technologies.

The PrestaShop 8.1 brings a more efficient and secure operating environment with support for the latest PHP and MySQL versions, enhancing the site speed and responsiveness of your store.

For example, the new functionalities introduced in the PrestaShop 8 and above versions such as the Password Strength Indicator which not only enhance the security of your store but also improve the user experience are notable improvements in this version.

Password Strength Indicator is the new function of Prestashop 8


Hence, by upgrading the store’s PrestaShop version to 8.1, you also ensure continued support from the community of PrestaShop, access to updates, and better compliance with current web standards, keeping your store competitive and well-optimized for search engines.

Migrating from PrestaShop 1.7 to PrestaShop 8.1 is highly beneficial for several reasons and some of those are mentioned below:-

  1. Updated Core Technologies: The move to PrestaShop 8.1 brings significant upgrades to essential technologies like Bootstrap and Symfony versions have been upgraded to v4.4.
  2. Support for the newer PHP versions: PrestaShop 8.1 provides the support for the latest versions of PHP ranging from 7.2.5 up to 8.1. 
  3. Enhanced Security Features: The introduction of a Password Strength Indicator is a significant enhancement in PrestaShop 8.1 which provides real-time feedback to customers creating accounts encouraging the creation of stronger and more secure passwords by showing clues for strength improvement.


introduction of a Password Strength Indicator - Knowband


Prerequisites for the Migration

1. Technical Requirements Check

  • Server Compatibility: Verify that your hosting environment meets the updated specifications required by PrestaShop 8.1, especially PHP version 7.4 or newer and MySQL version 5.6 or higher as it ensures your server can effectively handle the new software without compatibility issues.

PHP Compatibility chart - Knowband


  • Theme and Module Compatibility: Assess whether your existing themes and modules are compatible with PrestaShop 8.1. If they aren’t, you will need to either update them or look for suitable replacements to maintain the functionality and design of your store.

2. Data Backup

  • Comprehensive Backups: Rigorously back up all your website files, database entries, and configuration settings. This step is vital as it provides a safety net, allowing you to restore your store to its original state should there be any issues during the migration process.
  • Backup Validation: Test these backups in a staging environment to confirm their integrity and functionality. This validation helps ensure that you can reliably revert to the original system if needed.

3. Staging Environment Setup

  • Replicate Live Environment: A staging environment needs to be set up that replicates the live configuration as closely as possible and then uses this environment to perform the migration tests. 

Migration of Data

Export Data: 

  • Use tools like phpMyAdmin to export your database in CSV from the PrestaShop 1.7 store.
  • Go to the Database of your store and then click on the Export button present at the top of the phpMyAdmin. 
  • Please check the breadcrumbs to verify that you are exporting a Database and a table.


Exporting tables from Prestashop 8.1.1 store database


  • While exporting the data, please make sure to check the ‘Put columns names in the first row’ and ‘Export tables as separate files’. This will provide separate CSV files for each table present in your Database.


Export tables as separate files by Knowband


Modify and Import Data:

Depending on the changes in database structure between 1.7 and 8.1, you may need to adjust the SQL data (like altering table structures, column names, etc.) before importing it into your new PrestaShop 8.1 database. Therefore, this step can be complex and requires thorough testing.

For every change in the new structure, we have to modify our respective CSVs.

Import the Data-

  • Install the Prestashop 8.1. While installation, be aware that, you don’t need to install the Demo data as we need a clean store for the Import.
  • Now, install the languages you are using on your live store to the PS8.1 store.
  • Now, for every table on the PS8.1 store in the phpMyAdmin, please clear the data of the table first and then import the CSV for that table.
  • While importing, please make sure that the format of the file is marked as CSV and skip the import of the first line of CSV as it holds the name of the columns.
  • Document every change made to the data and the reasoning behind each modification as this documentation will be helpful for future reference and for maintaining the store.

Final Stage in the Migration: –

Furthermore, Complete testing will be required once the data is imported into the new PrestaShop 8.1 setup needs to be done to make sure that all the store’s functionalities are working as desired and at last the store can be made live to the public when there are no issues found in the testing process of the store.

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